Custom Client Gifts

Give something meaningful

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Do Something Unique

Just closed a transaction?


Instead of giving another typical Home Depot card to your buyers, that they wont remember a year from now, give something special.

Home is where their story starts. Don't let them forget that you helped them get into their dream home. Custom Inscribe the year you made it possible. Personalize it by adding a house charm and something unique to them.


Sports fans, Dance Moms, and Pet Lovers alike there is a charm for everyone.

Moving them out of state? Add a California charm in their locket so they always remember the great memories they had living here.

Don't Forget Your Clients

Drop off little pop by charms throughout the year that your client can switch out. With charms for every Holiday, it is a great way to stay in front of your past clients rather than leaving a voicemail or average mailer.

Get Referrals

My clients are always asked where they got their jewelry from. What a wonderful way to get a warm referral and free advertising.

Don't Forget Yourself

Tired of the same old lanyard that you are almost embarrassed to pull out in front of your clients? Keep loosing your senrticard?

Create something you can wear and change out with a purpose!!!

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