Developing Nations

By: Taylor Stewart and Ashley Austin

Developing Nations and Importance

Developing Nations?

An undeveloped nation in the world, that has extreme poverty, low income levels, low food supply, a lack of modern technology, and a suffering economy (developing nation).


Developing nations are not just an inconvenience or something you hear about wanting money on a commercial. Developing nations are places in our world that seriously need our help. Developing countries also play a huge role in our economy (Ghosh, 38). These countries/nations are growing in importance.


Location, Location, Location!

There are three main parts of the world where developing nations can be found. The areas where they can be found include (Developing nation| Economics):

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Latin America

Difficulties and Differences

Challenges in Developing Nations!

Every nation faces different challenges and difficulties, but the level of obstacles in developing countries are astronomical. Developing nations are lacking basic necessities. Many are things we take for granted. The challenges range from governmental to geographic. Some major challenges are (Problems of Development Today):

  • Poverty: being tremendously poor
  • Poor Sanitation: uncleanliness and haphazard disposal of waste and sewage
  • Geography: landlocked
  • Starvation: not enough food supply for population
  • Treacherous Governments: political leader only after self gain and wealth
  • Health: high fatalities, little medical care, and wild spread of diseases
  • Education: inequality among genders and poor school systems

Differences between Developed and Developing!

There are many differences between developed and developing countries. The people in developing countries work a lot harder for what they have. To show the differences, show what we take for granted, and to raise awareness here are some differences between the two. *Developed characteristics listed first.*

  • automatic hot running water vs. river water or fuel furnace heated water
  • equal rights vs. inequality among men and women
  • industrialized vs. primitive farming
  • hospitals vs. unsanitary care centers, folktales, and midwifes
  • required schooling vs. poor school systems with low literacy rates

Influence and Growth

Growth and Influence on Other Nations!

Developing countries also influence developed countries. The main way developing countries have influence other nations is through the global economy. Through the global economy and trading developing countries have had larger percentage increases in GPD (Gross Domestic Product) rates. Another way that developing countries influence others is by being supported by developed countries. Developed countries send aid and invest in the developing countries. These are some ways developing countries are influencing and starting to trend towards growth on other nations (Ghosh, 39-41).

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