Intersting Countries in Europe

By: Jamie Shaw

Introduction Paragraph

In this flyer I will tell you about some place in Europe. First of I will talk about the wonders of Iceland then to Iceland, then the final destination to Cyprus. You will learn all new facts that you didn't even know about each of these places that.


Constitutional republicLeader is Sigmundur GunnlaugaunnsonNot a member of the EUHordur Torfarson made the government resignPopulation - 315,281Geothermal energy is human enviornmental interactionThe current GDP is $13.04 billionFishing/fish is a big economic activitiesMain language is Icelantic/EnglishMain religion - LutheranA famous landmark is the Golden FallsShark is a cultural foodLocated in Northern Europe


Parliament democracyThe leader is Anibal Cavaco SilvaIs apart of the EUThe population is 10,084,245Human environment interaction-miningCurrent GDP- 209.6 billionMajor economic activities- wineriesLanguage-PortugueseReligion-roman catholicFamous landmarks- Peneda- Geres national parkCultural foods are a roast suckling pigLocated in the southwestern EuropeClimate maritime temperature.


  • Democracy
  • Leader is Nikos Anastasiadis
  • Is apart of the EU
  • Caterina Cornarowas the last reigning queen of Cyprus
  • Population-1,155,403
  • Human environment interaction is tourism
  • Current GDP is $24 billion
  • Major economic activities is tourism
  • Language- Greek and Turkish
  • Religion- mostly Greek Orthodox(78%)
  • A famous landmark in Cyprus is the shores
  • A cultural food is Afelia, hummus
  • Located in the middle east\
  • Climate is Mediterranean with hot and dry summers & cool winters.