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Using Technology for Students AND Fellow Educators

Teachers constantly need to incorporate new forms of developmentally appropriate technology in their classrooms. Not only to teachers and students use technological tools to enhance student learning, but they also use it to enhance their own learning! Teachers use sites such as Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Facebook to connect, collaborate, and share teaching resources.

Technology for Students and The Classroom

Tools and Apps


IPEVO sells document cameras that can be used to project virtually anything onto a classroom projector! The cameras hook right up a laptop or desktop and can be used to project student work for examples, small printed text, or pages from worksheets or journals for better visibility. They also sell less expensive stands that are meant to hold an iPad or iPhone to utilize their camera!

Websites and Resources

Technology for Educators





Evernote is an app that can be used on virtually any device, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. It serves an an excellent organizational tool for collecting and documenting data for electronic portfolios. Electronic portfolios can serve as a wonderful tool of assessment in classrooms that apply best-practice models. Because electronic portfolios allow teachers to collect and organize artifacts in a multitude of ways, it enables them to obtain a more genuine depiction of the learner. Teachers can then accurately reflect on the capabilities of that learner and analyze the effectiveness of their own teaching practice. The electronic portfolio masterfully ties together all facets of organizing and collecting data into one space. Within this space, teachers can share what they have come to know about their students with colleagues, administrators, and most importantly, the parents. This form of assessment is key to acknowledging the many learning styles of a child and gives voice to the child to think cognitively about his or her own learning. In this way, all forms of assessment truly become authentic.

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Amy Riley

I am a second grade teacher in Stratham, NH. I enjoy finding new and innovative ways for students to engage with technology in ways that are developmentally appropriate for their age level. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!