Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Maggie Creitz, Entrees

How does Cassie Learn the balance of Understanding the way things are and accepting the way things are? Do any other charachters learn this lesson?

Cassie comes upon many different situations in the book that help her get the understanding of the way things are. When Cassie has to walk to school and they have to get clear over on the side of the road so the bus for the white kids. If they didn't get over they could even be ran over. Another time that has happened when another character has learned a lesson was when Little Man found the bad slang word in his book on the first day of school. When Cassie tried to tell the teacher about it the teacher didn't really react and Cassie learned that we just had to move on about it.

3 Themes In the Novel

Three themes in the novel that I could think of are when we work together and be one we get more done, I got this from at the end of the book when Papa set the cotton field on fire and everyone was working whites and blacks together to stop the fire and eventually the fire was stopped. Another theme I learned from the story is to never give up. The Logan family never gave up their land to Mr.Granger no matter the price, uncle hammer even gave up his nice car. They always fought back and never will give up until their fight is won. The last theme I learned is to let it go, when a rude word was said they knew they just had to let it go. If they did say anything it would be a death sentence practically, so they just had to ignore it and move on with their life.

What does this Novel reveal about you as a human being?

This novel brings a lot of different emotions to my mind as I read this. I think about how of a lucky person I am to be treated equally and the nice life I have. All the nice things I have but don't really neat. Like when they got books for Christmas they were so excited to just get book it made me feel like a brat, because for Christmas I would be disappointed if that's all I got. I needed to take a moment and try to put myself in their shoes and honestly it was hard to because I am so lucky to have a good life and I couldn't imagine how hard it was, but they always seemed so happy with what they had and it was amazing to see what they did with what they had.