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We are in pre-launch with Korea!!!

Pre-enrollment is available through all Nerium Brand Partners’ personal websites. If a prospect is located in Korea, the content will geo-locate and display the pre-enrollment website. Once a Korean prospect pre-enrolls, he or she will have access to an Online Business Center containing marketing materials and a genealogy. They will also be able to enroll other Korean prospects to their teams. Pre-enrolled Korean Brand Partners will not be able purchase product, make product sales, earn commissions, or enroll Brand Partners from other countries until the full launch of Korea. Upon the full launch of Korea, pre-enrolled Korean Brand Partners will be required to complete their enrollment with the purchase of a marketing kit and they will have the option to purchase product packs.

After the Nerium Korean launch date, pre-enrolled Brand Partners have 14 days to activate their enrollment by purchasing a Starter Pack and completing bank account verification. After 14 days, if the pre-enrolled Brand Partner is not activated, he or she will be removed from the system and will not be allowed to sign up with Nerium as a Brand Partner for a 6-month period. Following the purchase of a Starter Pack, Korean Brand Partners will be able to upgrade their order with a Bronze, Silver or Gold product pack, as well as set up their Automatic Delivery Order (ADO) of Nerium products.

Now is the time...huge amounts of people are already being enrolled in Korea!

You will find the latest information pertinent to the launch of Nerium in Korea on Nerium.KR

Did you know that 60% of South Koreans are involved with a Network Marketing Company. They are familiar with and love Network Marketing!