QR Codes to Support Instruction

How can you use QR codes in your classroom?

Creating QR Codes with QR Stuff

There a lots of websites you can use to create your own QR codes. The one I have found easy to use is www.qrstuff.com. With this QR creator you can modify the color of your code and use various data types with it.

Types of data you can use:

  • website URL's
  • YouTube Videos
  • Dropbox
  • plain text
  • email address
  • digital business cards

To Create a QR Code

1. Select your data type

2. Copy the link for you data

3. Select the color for your code

4. Download your QR code

Various types of QR Codes

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How to Use QR Codes in your classroom

QR Readers

The easiest QR reader to use in the classroom with iPads is

i-nigma. This app lets you scan a code but opens it using Safari. Some apps will scan the code, but open within the app and it is not always user friendly.

If you are scan a code with a plain text it will show within the app.

Use for listening station. Link stories from YouTube.

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Use for station work

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  • Have students scan the code to find the correct answer.
  • You can use Microsoft Word to create a document.
  • I like to create a table to make it easier to cutout the cards.
  • Create your QR code and paste image into the table.
  • You can even add decorative borders to the box to make it more interesting to students. I find mine on Teachers Pay Teachers.

How can QR Codes be helpful?

  • For older grades-you can create a qr code to put next to a tricky problem that has a link to a "how to" video. If the student is having problems, they can scan the code and go to that source.
  • Have scavenger hunts/web quests by putting clues around the room. Use this website to help generate your quiz. http://www.classtools.net/QR/index.php
  • Use in your classroom library by linking students to information on the author or the book. Students can also create a book review by using iMovie or another app.
  • Create QR codes that are linked to classroom anchor charts.