NEW! Bottled Ice Tea

-Alexa Rainey-

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I am an INTJ. My task would most likely be something that I could do alone. The focus of my personality is to get the job done. Because of this I would be assigned a part of the project that requires problem solving and is behind-the-scenes. I would probably try to find problems within the product to prevent complaints or explore the future possibilities of the product. (ex: flavors, bottling options like gallon size, etc.) In the office I would most likely avoid socializing with the exception of a few people, whom I would consult with about ideas.


It would benefit the team to have someone to manage all of the jobs that go into creating this one product. An ESTJ would be able to keep things in working order and push forward when things get tough. This person would be the manager/project leader. They do not respect people who take shortcuts in business and like to feel as if they are part of a team.


A person with an ISFP personality would be an important part of the team. This person would most likely fill the job of Graphic Designer and aid the person working in advertisement/marketing. The creative capability of an ISFP is best channeled through through visual arts. This person would be able to easily relate to others, thus making them a perfect candidate for the project. Though the have many wonderful traits their self-esteem tends to waver and they will need encouragement from other coworkers.


ENFP's are excellent at communication- this puts them in the perfect position to market the tea brand. They are able to connect with others and get their point across. Because they are friendly people, an ENFP would be able to convince a person to buy the product with ease. Within the workplace, ENFP's create a fun environment. They are always excited to hear new ideas and seek friendships with everyone.


People with ESFJ personalities make for exceptional accountants. This person would manage money- profit, the cost of materials, and employment. They would need to work in a department of accountants because they do best when they can confer with others.