Born 2 B Wild

Exotic Animals are not pets.

Real life Story

Just because you have a bear named Teddy doesn't mean he won't attack you. Like what happened to the Walz family in 2009. A 350 pound bear who was raised by the Walz family since he was a cub attacked 37 year old Kelly Ann Walz when she was cleaning his cage.

Dangers and Statistics

People can get injured when they have exotic pets. Humans could get monkey pox, rabies, B-virus and more. What we don't know is that animals also can get sick when they are pets. Animals can get lack of exercise and we can get them sick. Within 10 years 75 animals were killed mainly large cats. In the same amount of time 1,610 injuries happened from keeping exotic pets.


  • 20 states ban large cats, wolves, bears, reptiles and, non-human primates as pets.
  • 9 states partial ban private owners of exotic pets
  • 12 states require a license to have an exotic pet
  • 9 states have no requirements to exotic pets but, the owner needs a veterinary certificate

Impact on the Envirment

Space is very hard to find for exotic pets. It affects the plants and animals that live with them or that they hunt.


Dr. Larry Pickering of Emory University Medical School in Atlanta says "Exotic Pets are growing in popularity doctors are aware of pet- related hazards only 5% warn the owner about them."