St. Louis Catholic School News

May 18, 2016

Calendar of Events

  • May 19 - Gr. 8 Chicago Trip
  • May 19 - Gr. 3 Newport Aquarium Field Trip
  • May 20 - Gr. Preschool & K Park Day
  • May 20 - Jr. High Youth Group
  • May 23 - Gr. 8 Graduation Practice, 2:10 - 2:50 pm
  • May 24 - Gr. 8 Graduation Practice, 2:10 - 2:50 pm
  • May 25 - Preschool Party in Activity Center, 10 am
  • May 25 - Gr. 8 Luncheon in Rm B1
  • May 25 - Gr. 8 Graduation starting with Mass at 6 pm
  • May 25 - Gr. 5 All School Mass - CHANGE
  • MAY 25 - Gr. K-7 Awards Presentation in Activity Center after Mass
  • May 26 - Last Student Day!

End of Year Checklist

  • Returned Library Books or Pay Fee
  • Lost and Found Items Recovered
  • Negative Lunch Money Paid
  • Medicine Picked-up
  • Registration and Tuition Payment Plan
  • Financial Assistance Paperwork Turned In
  • Technology Repair Charges Paid
  • Sign up for Cafe, Inservice, Bingo, etc.

Dear St. Louis Family and Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I am announcing my retirement. I dearly love teaching and the decision to retire has been very difficult for me, but it is time for me to be with my grandchildren and family. I would like to thank all of you for your support and friendship throughout my teaching years at St. Louis. Although leaving saddens me, I know my faith in Christ will guide me in this new journey.

I will miss you!

Mrs. Ortman

PTO Corner

The PTO is trying something new to organize our volunteers for next year. Because all school registration has become paper free, PTO is going to try this too! Please go to to the following website: VolunteerSpot: to sign up for various volunteer spots such as in-service, cafeteria, library, etc. As a private school, please remember that we rely a lot on our volunteers to make the school year a success. Thank you so much for offering your time and talents!

We would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to Jill Weber and Wende Lambert, as well as all the parent volunteers who helped with the snow cones for the K-3 carnival!

Artwork is coming home!

Artwork is coming home the week of 16-20th.

There is a lot of art, so please send in a piece of poster board before that week so your child can make a portfolio to tote their work home safety.

The standard size of poster board is 22"x28". If they can find larger, it would be better as we will be folding them in half and stapling the sides.

Nurse News

Per St. Louis School Health Policy, ALL MEDICATION WILL BE DISCARDED IF NOT PICKED UP BY THE LAST DAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. Medication can not be sent home with students.

Math-A-Thon 2016

The St. Louis School Math-a-Thon raised $3,890 this year for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. St. Louis has donated $89,500 since 1987! Thank you to all the generous people of our community and to the students of St. Louis for all their hard work!

2016/2017 Dress Code

Please review the dress code for next year. A few rules have been revisited and adjusted. Be sure to read the entire policy. This policy will be more strictly enforced starting the new school year as to help St. Louis School become more in uniform together.

Dress Code Policy

St. Louis Catholic School requires that students come to school dressed and groomed in good taste. The Uniform Policy is intended to encourage a neat appearance that is consistent with and appropriate to a learning environment. Enforcement of this policy begins at home. Parents are expected to assume responsibility for making sure that students are dressed and groomed in accordance with the policy. Anything not covered under this written policy is at the discretion of the administration of St. Louis Catholic School.

Please know that we have extra uniform clothing available at the Uniform Exchange in the preschool. If your child’s uniform is looking worn or is getting too small, please contact Amy Tonges in the parish office (812-934-3204).

Boys Dress Regulations (Grades K-8)


● Solid navy blue, plain, tailored pants

● Must be worn on the natural waist

● Should have a button or other fastener at the waist, NOT a drawstring

● NOT acceptable - flared or slit cuffs

● NOT acceptable - colored stitching

● NOT acceptable - blue jeans, corduroy, or royal blue slacks

● NOT acceptable - exterior pockets or loops, pockets with flaps, or pockets on the sides.

Belts (Grades 6-8)

● Belts are required

● Must be worn at the waist and through the belt loops

● Must be navy, black or dark brown

● NOT acceptable - studded belts or large belt buckles


● Must be groomed

● Must be no longer than midway on the forehead, off the ears, and off the collar.

● Must be clean-shaven with sideburns no longer than the middle of the ear

● Must be in good taste

● NOT acceptable - mohawks and fohawks

● NOT acceptable - long-spiked or slicked back.

● NOT acceptable - coloring

● NOT acceptable - feathers


● Boys may not wear earrings

Girls Dress Regulations


● Blue plaid jumper (Grades K - 5)

● Blue plaid skirt (Grades 6-8)

● Blue plaid jumper or skirt length must be no shorter than 2” off the floor when kneeling.


● Solid navy blue, plain, tailored slacks

● Must be worn on the natural waist

● Should have a button or other fastener at the waist, NOT a drawstring

● NOT acceptable - flared or slit cuffs

● NOT acceptable - colored stitching

● NOT acceptable - blue jeans, corduroy, or royal blue slacks

● NOT acceptable - exterior pockets or loops, pockets with flaps, or pockets on the sides.

Leggings (worn under a skirt or jumper):

● Must be solid navy blue, black or white


● Must be groomed

● Must be in good taste

● NOT acceptable - unnatural coloring

● NOT acceptable - feathers


● Permitted to wear posts or hoops (no larger than a nickel)

● Only 1 earring per ear and it must be in the earlobe

● NOT acceptable - excessive jewelry

● NOT acceptable - large, gaudy and/or dangling earrings

Boys and Girls Dress Regulations


● Solid white or light blue polo shirts with collar

● Long or short sleeved

● Solid white or light blue turtlenecks

● Cardinal polo shirt is permitted

● NOT acceptable - other insignias

● Shirt must be tucked into trousers or shorts


● Solid navy blue, long sleeved cardigan

● Solid navy blue, long sleeved pullover

● Solid navy blue sweater vest

● Cardinal sweatshirt is permitted.


● Solid black, red, navy blue, gray or white Cardinal sweatshirts are permitted.

● Camouflage with Cardinal logo from The Town Stitchery is permitted.

● May contain students’ first and/or last name.

● May have cardinal logo

● May have “St. Louis”, “St. Louis School”, “St. Louis Catholic School”, or “St. Louis Cardinals”

● NOT acceptable - sports team logos

● NOT acceptable - student nicknames

● Students wearing any other sweatshirt to school will have to remove it


● Solid white, black, or navy blue only.

● Must be worn daily


● Tennis shoes with backs

● Shoes that tie or have a fastener to secure

● Warm winter boots. Boots need to be appropriate to wear during mass and students need to bring tennis shoes on days they have PE. Warm winter boots are allowed from November 1 to Spring Break.

● NOT acceptable - sandals, slippers, clogs, crocs, slip-ons or other unusual shoes.


● Solid navy blue, plain tailored shorts

● May have two pockets in front, up to two back pockets

● NOT acceptable - pockets on the sides

● Length of the shorts (range) - 3” above the floor when kneeling

● Shorts are allowed from 8/01/15 through 9/30/15, and beginning again 5/1/16 thru the end of school in May/June.


● NOT acceptable - Hats are not to be worn in school (Exception - specially designated “Hat Day”)

Out of Uniform Days

Several times during the school year students may dress out of uniform.

● Blue jeans and trousers of various colors are permitted.

● Girls may wear Capri pants.

● NOT acceptable - Yoga Pants (leggings)

● Other clothing such as tee shirts and sweatpants must be in good taste.

● NOT acceptable - logos or lettering on clothing that promote alcohol, tobacco, or other offensive material

● Tops must cover the entire mid-section and shoulders.

● NOT acceptable - sleeveless tops, tank tops and halter-tops

● NOT acceptable - shorts or skorts - UNLESS the occasions for being out of uniform occur during the time of year in which shorts may be worn as the regular uniform. The length of the shorts must be in an acceptable range.

● NOT acceptable - short running shorts

● Socks or hosiery are required

● May wear casual shoes, flats, loafers, tennis shoes in good condition.

● Girls may wear conservative boots

● NOT acceptable - sparkly light up boots, sandals, flip-flops, clogs, crocs, or combat-style boots.

● NOT acceptable - any backless shoes or shoes or boots with heels over 1 inch.

● All clothing must be in good taste per acceptable school standards.

School Spirit Days

Several times during the year students are permitted to wear red or white.

● Shirt, dress, or outfit should be predominantly red or white, or SLS spiritwear. For example, a shirt of another color with a patch of red or white is not acceptable.

● Bottoms may be red, white, blue denim, khaki or black.

● Other clothing on red and white days must follow the rules for out of uniform days.

● NOT acceptable - YOGA PANTS (leggings)

Academic Team Update

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Extra Yearbooks Available

There are extra yearbooks if anyone still wants to purchase one before the last day of school... $16.25

Attention All Baseball Fans

Thursday, May 19th, the Batesville Varsity Baseball team will have an "autograph night" when they play the Lawrenceburg Tigers at Liberty Park at 5:30 pm. Any fan or youth leaguer will be allowed to run the bases with the players after the game, and they will receive a free photo schedule for the Batesville High School players to autograph post-game. Come on out and support the Bulldogs in their final home game!

News From the Cafe

As of Monday May 16th, if your child is in the hole at all they will not be able to get extras.

Please check your childs lunch balance on-line, give us a call, or send us an email.

In need of St. Louis Spirit Wear?

We have Cardinal Crawl shirts for $5.00 each.

Sizes: Youth M and L

Adult S, M, L, XL

Pick up in the parish office.

Student Council Update

Student Council members visited the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati on Friday, May 13th. Our Pop Tab War total was 247 pounds of aluminum! The profit made through our Photo Booth booth was $217.00 so that money was spent on care packages that we brought with us for the families living at the House. Student Council would like to thank Randy Amick and Tri-State Studios for their donated and volunteered time.

As Our 2016 school year ends, I would personally like to thank the staff for supporting our Lollipop drives, the members of Student Council, and the parents that been a tremendous support team this year.

Janet Wilson

Student Council Coordinator

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Lost and Found

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Trucker Buddy Ken

The Second Graders show off their certificates for being outstanding penpals to Trucker Buddy Ken.
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Office Remodel Update

Items Still Needed to Be Purchased to Complete the Remodel:

Receptionist Cubical - $2075

Nurse Cubical - $2075

Business Manager Cubical - $3750

Refrigerator - $500

Blinds - $180

Chairs - $160

Fabric, Curtain Rods, Rugs, and Plants - $500

Jr. High Youth Group

The next and last meeting for this school year will be May 20th. We will not have the SLS 8th graders due to their class trip, so we will be very short handed. Please consider coming to help put together Grad gifts for our graduating seniors.

7th Graders who would like to be 8th Grade Ambassadors for the 2016-17 school year, please fill out and return the attached form by August 19, 2016, which is our first Jr. High Youth Group of the new school year.

8th Graders who would like to be added to the High School Youth Group email distribution list,please send an email to I apologize, but the link in the previous email was spelled wrong.

We are desperately seeking parents, grandparents, etc. to help lead Jr. High Youth group. If you or someone you know is able to commit to helping guide this great group of students, please let me know right away. We are working on a curriculum for the school year and would love help getting it into place.

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Last Uniform Exchange Date, Sat, June 04, 2016, 9:00am-11:00am

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PHYSICALS, CONCUSSION, & REGISTRATION FORMS are due before you will be able to participate in any volleyball, football, cross country, basketball, cheerleading, track, golf open gyms, or practice of any kind.

In the past we have collected these forms throughout the year and this has become problematic and time consuming.


SLS is in need of a 7th grade volleyball coach. Contact Mike Burkhart @ 812-525-6585

St. Louis Golf Team

The St Louis Golf Team travelled to Brookville Thursday night to face off against Franklin County and Batesville in a golf match. St Louis did well to come in second place, just edging out Franklin County by 1 stroke. Evan Volgelsang led the way for the Cardinals with a 45, followed by Brandon Simmermeyer with a 48, Jacob Deutsch with a 56, Zeb Streator with a 59, Aaron Weber, Abe Streator, and Brendon Imel with 63s, and Cayden Pohlman with a 65. Next up for the Cardinals is the Batesville Middle School tournament this Saturday at Cricket Ridge.

The St Louis Golf Team competed in the Batesville Middle School Invitational on Saturday morning. The conditions were poor with rain, wind, and cold tempuratures prevailing making scoring a challenge. The team ended up 5th against 6 other teams. Leading the scoring was Brandan Simmermeyer with 61 followed by Jacob Deutsch and Evan Volgelsang with 62s, Zeb Streator had a 66 and Aaron Weber a 67. The team travels to Milan on Monday to face South Dearborn.

The St Louis golf team finished off its season Monday night against South Dearborn at Hoosier Links Golf Course. South Dearborn was able to over come the soggy conditions and shoot a team score of 231 to St Louis’ 243. Leading the scoring for St Louis was Brandan Simmermeyer with a 54, Evan Voglesang had a 61, Jacob Deutsch a 63, Aaron Weber a 65, Zeb Streator a 66, Thomas Raver a 65, and Adam Voglesang a 68.

St. Louis Track and Field

The St. Louis track and field teams competed in the CYO Track and Field Championships at IUPUI on Friday and Saturday. Pamela Meneses and Molly Wachsmann competed in the shot put and kickball throw on Friday night along with Grace Mack in the long jump.

Running event trials were held on Saturday with the top qualifiers advancing to the finals to be held on this coming Wednesday. Max Giesting and Mason Enneking competed very well on Saturday, but were unable to advance to the finals. Advancing to the finals were Grace Mack (100m), Benjamin Moster (400m, 800m and 1600m), Tyler Kuntz (1600m), Adam Moster (800m and 1600m), Joshua Myers (800m and 1600m) and Zachary Harmeyer 400m).

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Batesville High School Baseball will be offering its first summer baseball camp from May 31st- June 3rd for grades 1-8. You will receive specific age-level baseball instruction, get to meet and work with the varsity baseball players and coaches, receive a t-shirt, and have fun. Please see your teacher or the office for a Batesville Baseball Camp form today. All forms need to be returned to the office by Thursday, May 19th.
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