Visit with Gen. Aladeen in Israel

By Tom O'Loughlin

My friend: General Aladeen

General Aladdin is not the best friend one could ask for. He does not like Americans very much except for me for some reason. Aladeen is tall, has black hair, a long black beard, only wears gold, and is a really arrogant guy. He invited me to stay at his palace in his home state of The Republic of Wadiyah but we spent most of our time in Israel as my stay was during the time of Passover and all his friends resides there. His family's whereabouts are unknown and it is suspected that Aladeen has something to do with their disappearance.


In ancient times, the Jewish people were slaves in Egypt. Passover serves as a celebratory festival for their liberation from slavery under the leadership of Moses. This celebration occurs on the 15th day of the Hebrew calendar month Nisan, which is equivalent the beginning of April.

Passover Celebrations:

Aladeen's Friend Alison Burger's Humble Abode

A luxurious, high-class, stone building isolated from the city. Dinner table is set up with plates and wine glasses with Sedar Books placed at each seat. The Sedar plate is placed with the home patriarch.