Social Studies Syllabus

Mrs. Wood 7B

What can I expect in Social Studies?

Last year, we did our best to cover everything that happened in the world from the time that civilization began until the end of the Middle Ages. This year, we'll pick up right where we left off.

Starting with the European Renaissance and exploration, we'll discuss the impact of science, trade, and travel; both positive and negative. Our curriculum this year includes colonization and imperialism (we'll focus on Africa, Asia, and South America), the independence movement in India under Mahatma Gandhi, World War I and II, and much, much more.

As usual, we'll also focus on note-taking skills, organizational strategies, and how to build and nurture great study habits that will prove useful in the long run. My notebook checklist (in the classroom, in the binder, and on my website) will still be a part of my classroom structure. My website will remained updated with vocabulary, documents, and presentations. Students will still be expected to keep a vocabulary ring in their binders that grows with each unit.

How is my work graded?

All student work in my class falls into one of two categories: summative or formative. Each is worth 50%. While there will most likely be far more formative grades than summative, they are both crucial to overall success in social studies this year. Descriptions of each kind of assignment are below.

Formative Assessments

50% of total grade

May include classwork, daily or weekly assignments, quizzes (announced and unannounced), smaller projects, daily work based on participation, daily work based on accuracy, homework assignments and exit slips.

Summative Assessments

50% of total grade

May include major projects, large quizzes, unit tests and other tests.

Extra Credit

I do not offer extra credit, except in very rare and generous circumstances. If I do offer extra credit, it will be offered to each and every one of my students and an e-mail will be sent home to inform students and their families of the opportunity.

Please do not come and request an extra credit assignment, as you will not be offered one.


What should I do when I am absent from Class?

You are expected to make up all work when you are absent. It is your responsibility to use the class calendar and Catch Up notebook to find and complete missed assignments (in lunch bunch). You are given a one-day extension for classwork for each day you are absent.

If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you are expected to turn in the assignment the day you return to class.

If you are absent on a quiz/test day, you are expected to take the quiz/test UPON YOUR RETURN. This will most likely take place during Lunch Bunch, or you can see me to schedule a time to make up the quiz or test.

**My website is updated with each power point presentation by the end of the school day EVERY DAY that we take notes. If you miss a day of school, you can still view the notes - - and print or copy the notes - - from home. "I wasn't here when you presented this" is NOT AN EXCUSE for missing information. Ever.**

"The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you."