by Eli Sellars

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There have been many deadly diseases in the world. The Ebola Virus has killed more people than any other disease.

Ebola- when and where it was discovered.

The Ebola virus first appeared in 1976 in 2 outbreaks. One outbreak was in Nazara, Sudan and the other was in Yambuku, Democratis Republic of Congo. The second outbreak, in Yambuku was in a small town near the Ebola River.
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how can you get the virus

You can get the virus by coming in contact with body fluids of a person who's already showing signs of it. Body fluids include spit, pee, throw up, etc. Also kissing or sharing foods or drinks. Another one is eating wild animals.

what does it do to you

Early symptoms include a fever, headaches , body aches,coughing. Stomach pains diarrhea vomit are also included. Later symptoms appeared quickly within a few days after earlier system. Later symptoms include internal and extra no bleeding I've made the cornbread you may vomit blood and also a bloody diarrhea,death.
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Interesting fact

-It can live in sperm for up to 82 days

-The out break in west Africa is the largest ever

-You cannot get Ebola by siting next to someone how has it

-90% of the the virus victim have died

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