Jada Morales

My life is a beautiful mess. Class of 2017.

Outside Of School

Outside of school I'm either at work or volunteering at Bethesda Nursing home. I work at Culver's and I've been working their since October and I love the people I work with. It's like we're a big family. I'm about to start volunteering at Bethesda and I'm super excited. When I'm not at school, working or volunteering I'm usually doing crafts at home or jamming out to music in the bedroom. If I'm not doing any of that them I'm definitely sleeping!


I have an humongous, loud, and annoying family. Yet I wouldn't trade them for anything! It would take forever to name every person in my family so I'll just name the immediate ones. There's my mom Nicole, my father Jeremy, Step-dad David, Step-brother Jesse he's 14, and I have two sisters one from the moms side her name's Ayva and she's 10 and then there's one on my fathers side and her name is Aaliyah and she's 9, I also have another step-brother but I've never met him but his name's Jace and he's 12. Esa es mi familia loca.

Guaranteed to be smelling the flowers.