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District update on COVID-19

Updates from Jenny, our Superintendent, resources, and information. https://www.cadott.k12.wi.us/

Published Friday, September 4th, 2020

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Drop off time will start at 8:00 am. When entering the parking lot there will be two lanes (Loading lane). There will be staff outside to greet you in the morning and help your student find their correct entry door. There will be 4 squares that you will pull into (loading and unloading zone). We ask that you stay in line, have students ready to go, and promptly drop off and go.

Pick up time will start at 3:15 pm. We will have parents enter again in the loading lane, pulling into zone 1,2, 3 and 4. We ask that you use a 8 1/2 x 11 or larger piece of paper listing your students first and last name with grade. Place this paper in a window or hold up for our staff to see. Once we see this paper, we will radio to staff in the gym who will dismiss your students. Students will leave the gym, enter the car, and once buckled and ready you may pull away. We ask again that once students are in the car and the car is safe to move that you quickly exit the lane.

If you are walking to drop off students or walking up to pick students up you will need to come through the tunnel from the HS and stay behind the playground fence. Your student will meet you behind the fence.

** If a student forgot an item, please pull ahead in a parking spot and once our pick up line has been completed, return to the loading zone to ask staff about retrieving said item.

Items coming into school

At this time student and parents will not be allowed to bring outside items to be shared with staff or students, including Birthday treats/gifts. Our fabulous lunch staff will help us in celebrating your student's birthday with a treat during their birthday month. As we approach holidays, this will still be the standard that we expect, and again, no outside food or objects may be shared with other students at this time.

If your student forgot...

From time to time your student may forget gym shoes, sweat shirts, musical instrument, cold lunch. That's okay. Sometimes forgetting is a learning step to remembering next time.

If your student forgot:

Cold Lunch: Good news, hot lunch is free for all students until Dec. 31st, 2020. We will make sure your student is fed and ready to learn after lunch.

Gym Shoes: Mr. Yeager keeps our gym well stocked in supplies, including shoes! If your student has to borrow a sanitized pair of shoes for gym, no problem! Mr. Yeager has you covered!

Musical Instrument: Mr. Peters may not have extra instruments, but he will be sure to keep your student actively learning music.

Sweat shirt, extra clothing- Thank you to many donations we have extra clothing at the school in a variety of sizes. These items are washed and ready to wear in case of an accident or if someone is cold, ect.

We got you covered!

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Dear Kindergarten Parents,

For the next three weeks we will be learning about colors. Each day

will be a special “Color Day” and we would like your child to wear

something that color, if possible. If you cannot find something to wear

in that color, your child may wear a paper tag with that color.

Week of September 7-11

Monday: No School

Tuesday: Green Day

Wednesday: Black Day

Thursday: Brown Day

Friday: Purple Day

Week of September 14-18

Monday: Orange Day

Tuesday: Gray Day

Wednesday: Pink Day

Thursday: White Day

Friday: Favorite Color Day

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Playground sanitization

On Friday's evenings we will be sanitizing both the East and West Playgrounds.

Citizens State Bank

Citizens State Bank will kick off a new year of school banking on Friday, 9/18/20. For students in grades 3, 5, and 6, Mrs. Sonnentag will be in the hallway outside of your classrooms during your lunch break. For students in grades 1, 2, and 4, Mrs. Sonnentag will be in the lunch room during your lunch break. Due to COVID-19, extra precautions have

been implemented to keep everyone safe. They include:

 Mrs. Sonnentag will have her temperature checked upon entering the building.

 A plexiglass stand will be used as a barrier between the student and Mrs. Sonnentag.

 One student at a time at the school banking mobile teller station.

 A new pen will be provided to each student to fill out their deposit ticket.

 Sanitation of the deposit area will be completed by Mrs. Sonnentag between students making deposits.

Citizens State Bank wishes to thank Principal Goettl for allowing us to continue our partnership with the students of Cadott Elementary School that began in December 2007. We look forward to another successful year of teaching the students practical money skills.

If you are the parent of a student who wishes to enroll in the school banking program, have any concerns, or suggestions for the school banking program, please contact Lorrie Sonnentag at (715) 978-0114 or email lsonn@csbankcadott.com .


Meeting will be every third Thursday of each month.

Nurse Notes

Mask Exemption

Any students that need a mask exemption (can not wear a mask) please get your doctor's note to Nurse Jessica before the first day of school.

You can email or fax the note to Cadott Elementary at 715-289-3017


No Fluoride Rinse in 2020-2021:

After much thought I have decided to suspend the fluoride program this year. Chippewa County has discontinued the program and we were going to use up the remainder of our supply, however because of the added risks of rinsing with fluoride I have decided that we will forgo it for the year. If something changes I will let families know that signed up!


After school activities

Flag Football

4k to 2nd Grade Flag Football (Mondays and Thursdays 6 to 7 PM at High School Softball Field)

All are welcome and we are still taking registration forms. If you need further information please contact Luke Rykal @ 715-215-1403 or email lrykal@hoeftbuilders.com.

It’s time for Boys Basketball! Who wants to play!

Cadott Boys Basketball Registration for 3rd-8th Grade

Register online or attend the in person registration on Sept 13th with Girls Basketball from 5-7 pm. More details to come in regard to the in person registration location. Registration deadline is September 13th. The registration fee and volunteer check will not be collected till the first week of practice.

Fees are as follows:

3rd and 4th Grade: FREE

5th and 6th Grade: $20

7th and 8th Grade: $40

*8th Graders that need a new jersey will be responsible for the cost.

Click on link below to be directed to the Boys Basketball Webpage. Follow instructions to

register online:


4K - 8th grade Girls Basketball & Little Dribblers

Save the Date:

Girls Basketball & Little Dribblers Registration: Sept. 13th from 5-7pm

There will only be 1 date to register.

A google form to register will be sent out soon. If you would like to get a head start you can go to GNBL and fill out their concussion form.


Check Facebook for updates!

* We are currently in of a 4th grade coach and team parent! *

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Around Cadott Community

Chippewa County Spirit of Christmas

Spirit of Christmas serves Chippewa County residents who are in need of gifts during

the holiday season. The organization’s main focus is on children through age 17.

Applications for Spirit of Christmas are NOW available by:

  • Printing the application from the website


  • Picking up an application at:

Chippewa County Department of Human Services - Economic Support

Room 305, Courthouse, 711 N. Bridge Street

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

M-F 8:00-4:30

Due to COVID-19 the organization is asking that applications be turned in as soon as possible, and that you PRINT CLEARLY when completing the application. See the application or refer to the website for where to return completed applications. Any applications returned after November 18th may not be served.

Cadott Elementary School

Office hours are 7:30am - 4:00pm

We ask during COVID-19 that you call or e-mail the office.