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December 5, 2013


Technology is embedded in the Common Core State Standards and exposure and proficiency has been deemed important for students to be college and career ready. Common Core states, "strategic use of technology is expected in all work." This may include, "employing technological tools to assist students in forming and testing conjectures, creating graphs and data displays and determining and assessing lines of fit for data..." It may also include gathering "relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively," while also assessing the credibility and accuracy of each source.

Technology can play a small or large role in our instruction and student demonstration of understanding. The key is to start somewhere. Beginning the technology journey allows us to compare resources and provide us with information so we can make the best educational decisions for student learning. An example of technology in the classroom is a tool I learned from a friend, learnzillion.com. Learnzillion is a free site with 1,000's of lessons linked to Common Core standards. One way to utilize this site is to incorporate it with centers. Students could rotate centers, each with a different purpose. Learnzillion could be used as a re-teach or practice center with a specific lesson for review. Another way to use learnzillion, is for teacher review. Watching a specific standard being addressed by someone else, may inspire a new idea or different way of looking at the same topic. An example of a lesson by learnzillion.com is listed below.

Some of the staff at NP3 have been incorporating technology a long time, while others are just getting started! The math department uses videos from khan academy on their teacher websites as parent and student resources for re-teaching concepts. A link to an example of khan academy is below. Another teacher uses an app on her phone to monitor student feedback and proficiency. This app is free and classes can be entered so you can mark individual progress as you teach! The English department has been using embedded videos as a resource for learning about visual text and the advantages/disadvantages of using different mediums! Other teachers have incorporated a method for teaching students how to search effectively on the internet. This includes sites to visit for information, key terms to use, and how to document sources appropriately.

Amazing things with technology are at NP3! Way to go! Together, we can do this!

Khan Academy in the classroom.

Google Docs in the classroom!

LearnZillion example for a Common Core math lesson

NP3 Announcements Mateys!

For Teachers Only:

  • Save the date! Staff Holiday Party Saturday Dec 7th at 3pm at David’s 2137 Saint Elias Place, Davis, CA 95616
  • WASC! Anzelc and Edwards will NOT be on site this Friday working on WASC
  • Tutoring! Last day for the semester will be Dec 11th. Tutoring will resume January 29th.
  • HWC! Dec 9th HWC is in Jackson's room. The last day for HWC for the semester is 12/17. HWC will be back up and running Monday January 13th for Semester 2.
  • Library Books! Advisers will receive blue "Overdue Book Notices" to hand out to students who have late books. Please remind them to get the books in.
  • Door Decorating! Student Leadership is having a Winter themed, judging will happen DURING ENRICHMENT Friday Dec 6th.
  • Parent Night! Missio is hosting a workshop for our parents tonight from 6-7:30pm.
  • Second Semester Enrichment Forms! Enrichment teachers need to hand the forms out THIS Friday. Students are to return them MONDAY 12/9 to their ADVISOR. Please bring your forms to me daily.
  • Second Semester Longgggggg Advisory!-January 7 and 8-prepare accordingly!
  • Second Semester Intervention!-Starting Monday Jan 13th.
  • Back to School! -Monday Jan 6th! It's a 1/2 day and an A day!!! Please plan to meet after school for a short staff meeting.
  • Conferences! - Parent letters for conference dates need to go out this week. Conferences are to be held Dec 16-20. If you need Taniia, Allyson, Alexis or David to attend please let us know.
  • Grades! - Grades will be entered as a department Mon Dec 9- Thur Dec 12. Please plan to spend your department time in the computer lab with your colleagues! Grades are due Thur Dec 12 4pm. Let Anzelc know if you want her to print RCs.
  • RC and Folder exchange! - Plan to exchange folders and RCs Fri Dec 13 from 3:10-3:20. Your meeting spot is your English teacher from your side (for example, Laura, Jackie and Mel will meet in Courtney's room).
  • PD! - PD Thurs 12/12 is in the computer lab and for finishing grades. PD Thurs 12/19 is a no go and for conference time.
  • Pre-WASC visit! - Monday Dec 16 will be a pre-WASC visit where teachers will be asked to join parts of the meeting. Taniia emailed those teachers this week.
  • Giving Tree! If you grabbed an ornament please make sure you get the unwrapped gift to Taniia no later than 12/13. If you still want to give there are plenty ornaments on the tree.
  • New Bathroom Procedures! Go over with advisory-David emailed them out earlier in the week.
  • Secret Santa! Sunshine is hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange. If you want to participate please get your green form into Courtney by tomorrow.
  • Yearbook! If any check come in before the winter break please give them directly to Courtney (checks get lost in boxes). If you take any pictures please email them to Kara @ karalynne@gmail.com

Share with Advisees:

  • Blog Contest-The winner of the most creative holiday story will win a gift card AND have their story posted on our NP3 blog! Story must be given to Snelling no later than Dec 13th-500 words or less.
  • Door Decorating-Student Leadership is having a Winter themed, judging will happen DURING ENRICHMENT Friday Dec 6th. Winner gets a pizza party.
  • Tutoring-Last day for the semester will be Dec 11th. Tutoring will resume January 29th.
  • HWC!!! Dec 9th HWC is in Jackson's room. The last day for HWC for the semester is 12/17. HWC will be back up and running Monday January 13th for Semester 2.
  • HWC on 12/9 will be in Jackson's room.
  • Winter Dance!! Friday Dec 6th! Buy tickets at lunch near Silas' room!
  • Holiday Grams for Sale!-Student leadership Dec 9-12 and will be passed out Dec 13th-for sale near Silas' room.
  • Semester 2 Enrichment forms are being passed out THIS FRIDAY. Turn them in to your Advisor Monday 12/9. First come, first serve!
  • Holiday grams are for sale via Leadership at lunch 12/9-12/12 and will be passed out on 12/13.
  • MacArthur's Millionaires' Bake Sale is happening 12/10 at break and lunch. Yummmmmmyyyy goodies for sale.