Need a suply? Go to Bismuth for your drugs

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Bismuth was founded in 1753 by the french scholar Claude-Françoise Geoffrey

Although it is hard to tell exactly who discovered it. The scholar Claude Geoffrey wrote a book about all known facts of bismuth
It is believed that bismuth came from the German Wisse Masse meaning White mass. Because in its natural form its a white crystalline form.

Melting and Boiling points

Bismuth melts at 271.406 degrees Celsius and 520.531 degrees Fahrenheit

Boils at 1564 Degrees Celsius and 2847.2 Degrees Fahrenheiht


Bismuth has an atomic mass of 208.9804
Contains 126 neutrons, 83 protons and 83 electrons
Normal Phase is solid

Uses of bismuth

Two thirds of bismuth is used in the production of drugs, Pharmaceuticals.
Stomach remedies for things such as ulcers, Burns.
Also is used to create a pearl like affect in lipsticks and eyeshadow
But the most useful is the use for creating tin, copper, and lead alloys for Electrical solders

Interesting facts

Its a silvery, pink tinged metal
Is used in low melting point alloys
Is a native material and is a by-product of refining lead, copper, tin, silver, and gold ores
Costs 2.83 for 100g
is a metal and is from the nitrogen family