Welcome to Second Grade!

Second Baptist School 2015-2016

Second Grade Rules

1. Show Respect

2. Follow Directions

3. Raise Hand for Permission to Talk

4. Keep Hands, Feet, & Objects to Yourself

5. Work Quietly

6. Be Kind

Conduct Cut Grade Based on Overall Conduct

  • Conduct Cuts
  • Lunchroom Behavior
  • Excessive Talking
  • Line Behavior

Responsibility Reports Given For:

  • Missing or Incomplete Homework
  • Incomplete Classwork
  • No Name on Paper
  • Forgotten Folder at Home


  • Reading and Writing Workshop
  • Comprehension Strategies taught using a variety of books that expose students to various genres
  • Fall Reading curriculum integrates science curriculum and Spring Reading Curriculum integrates social studies curriculum
  • Independent reading is assessed through conferencing
  • Novel Studies
  • Incorporates spelling, language, and phonics