Memorial Day Celebration Potluck

"Best Chef" Will Be Buttoned!

That's right... BUTTONED!

Voting for Best Chef:

1. Bring something yummy to share for the potluck.

2. Find Chelsie for a ticket.

3. Place your ticket in the cup next to the dish you think was best.

The cook with the most tickets will be dubbed "Best Chef" and buttoned by Swaggeraid.

Other things to consider:

>Cold Food should be stored in the billing refrigerators

>Hot Food should be stored at your desk to watch until 11AM

>Bring your own serving utensils, (unless you want your food to become finger-food).

>1PM is last call for food, 2PM is last call to pick up dishes before leftover food and

dishes will be mercilessly tossed.

Times to Be Aware Of...

11AM-11:30AM: Bring food to 625B

11:30AM-1PM: Potluck Time

1PM-2PM: Redeem leftover food and dishes.

Memorial Day Celebration Potluck

Thursday, May 30th, 11:30am-1pm

625B Warehouse