Hottest Coaster In Town!

Big Fishy Park Welcomes The T-U-T-Q-T-J-B-T-B-T To Town!

Big Coaster Little Park!

Everything we have been waiting for has arrived in the smallest amusement park in the world, the "Big" Fishy Park. The Tiny Unicorn Turkey Quad Toilet Jelly Bean Taco Burrito Tower also known as the T-U-T-Q-T-J-B-T-B-T is here. All of the reviews are covered in throw up but we think that it got five star rating.
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mo' coasters mo' problems!

The T-U-T-Q-T-J-B-T-B-T has finally arrived but at a cost. We've had multiple reports coming in from angry men and women saying their homes were torn down to put this 2 by 2 foot coaster in the amusement park. The manager of this park claims that they are delusional, these are the exact words of the manager. "Now, these people are crazy. I mean climbing into a giant hotdog and flying into the sun crazy. Seriously, this coaster is only 2 feet long and 2 feet wide, how were their homes torn down! Ya see, if ya look behind me, where the coaster is, there is nothing except... homes... being... torn... down." After that very moment the manager refused to say another word. But the coaster is still a fun ride and nobody's homes and lives are at stake if you believe it.