Ms. Castro's Classroom Update

February 13th, 2013

Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we are already halfway through February! Time is truly flying by this year. In this newsletter you can find updates about the classroom, pictures of the kids doing activities at school, events coming up, and events going on around Lake Murray. Have a great day!


Victoria Castro

Reading, Writing, Grammar

PASS writing (SC state standardized writing test) will be on March 19th and 20th. Since it is getting close we will really be focusing on narrative and explanatory writing over the next couple weeks.

Grammar is just about finished! I will be teaching the students about prepositional phrases and clauses but there will be NO quizzes on these subjects. After next week we will break apart one sentence each day looking at the parts of speech, parts of a sentence, phrases, and clauses. I will collect these "break downs" once in a while for a grammar grade. I am floored by how much these students have learned about grammar. It was a very tough subject but I think they are finishing with much more knowledge about how our language works.

Friday Dancing!


We are currently practicing multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers and they kids are doing a great job. Timed multiplication quizzes will continue so that the facts become as automatic as possible. This will greatly help them in our upcoming fraction unit and with multiplying and dividing large numbers.

Fractions are right around the corner and a especially difficult unit. Let me know if you notice your child struggling with these ideas and concepts in the upcoming weeks.

Science/Social Studies

Mrs. Wendt and I have swapped Science classes so feel free to email her with any of your Science concerns.

In Social Studies we are studying the different classes during the Antebellum period. Your student has been giving an Antebellum doll project that is due February 20th. A letter should have been given to you last week with the project details. If you have any questions feel free to email or call me. Our test for this unit will probably be in another week and a half.

Things to look our for...

2/18- Student Holiday

2/19- Jump Rope for Heart

2/21- Broadway for our Kids

2/21- LMES Art Show

2/21- Winterfest 530-830

2/21- Book Fair Evening Event 4-7

2/25-2/27 - Scholastic Book Fair

2/27- Gamecock Activity Log Due

3/2 - Battle on the Dam