The Purpose of Government

"We the People"

Form a More Perfect Union

The reason they wanted to form a more perfect union is to unite the people together. A union is made to overcome rivalry's and deputes between other states. They did this when they made the constitution and formed a more stronger federal government. That wgy they replaced the articles o9f confederation.

Establish Justice

This is one of the most sacred of all the duties of the government .it makes sure the laws are fair and reasonable. The united states has not reached its goal of Justice for all but its history is filled with attempts of reaching it. The supreme court is the highest court that establishes justice.
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Insure Domestic Tranquility

This is to ensure peace and keep tranquility of the people. This is also to keep law and order for all the people. In some parts of the world there is no government, this insures it wont happen. The police forces in the united states keep domestic peace. The national guard is also based off this idea.

Provide for the Common Defense

Protecting the country from foreign defense is one of the biggest responsibility that the government holds. This is the nations defense and there foreign policy. One way the us dose this is fights wars in foreign lands, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.