Ansley Jane's Sleepover

Routines and Tips

Typical Week Day:

  • Wake up around 6:45am, change clothes (jammies wet sometimes), and first bottle around 7:15-7:30am (5 oz)
  • Leave for daycare at 7:30 with Blanca in tow (white lamb). Teachers Luisa and Denise already have diapers, bottles, formula, snacks, etc.
  • Get AJ out of the car and carry her in to daycare without the carseat. Ana at the front can show you where to go.
  • Pick up AJ around 4:30, taking the carseat inside. Most times she falls asleep on the way home and I wake her up after 45 min, no later than 6pm.
  • Look at the report card from daycare and see if she's had 20 oz of formula. If not, her last feeding is a bottle. Otherwise, she can eat avocado, chicken, scrambled eggs, sweet potato,etc. for dinner.
  • 6:30ish bath time (not a fan of getting dressed or undressed)
  • 6:50ish read a book, pray, listen to white noise
  • 7:00ish lights off, face her towards my chest, pat her back and sing quietly. Lately she's preferred that we stand up to rock her for a minute versus in the chair. If she's overtired, she'll prefer to be put face down in her crib with her animals.

Typical Weekend:

  • The only difference is I try to get her to nap 2-3 times a day versus daycare which has a tough time getting her to quiet down with all the noise and lights on.
  • First nap around 2 1/2 hours after wake up and she sleeps about an hour. The rest of the day I play it by ear depending on what we're doing. She'll fall asleep in the carseat, especially after eating.

Important People and Places

Dr. Rocco Cell 956-8150

Dr. Rocco Office 504-6080

Libby Rush 502-439-8286

Hyatt Place Alpharetta 770-594-8788

Flying United BRO->ATL