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5H Update

Historical Fiction Literature Circles

The students have started historical fiction literature circles. We will be having our first meeting tomorrow, January 14th. The students always have 30 minutes on Tuesdays to work on their job, if they don't finish it during that time, it is their responsibility to get it done for homework. Each week your child will have a different job, it is a good idea to check in with your child on Wednesday night to see how well they have prepared for that specific job. The job descriptions can be found on my eBoard under Language Arts. The iNote is titled Lit Circles.

Testing Concentration levels in the science lab

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Theme 3 Project

The theme 3 projects (Go with the Flow) will be assigned this week, the project is research based. They will have time in class to do some of the project, but they will also have to invest time at home as well. The students and I agree I give a fair amount of homework, these projects are used to supplement when the homework load is light. Time management skills should be used to get this project done over the 6 week period.

Argumentative Writing

The students have just wrapped up their artist research papers. We are now starting our unit on Argumentative writing (opinion writing). We will start the unit by discussing and researching the debate on serving chocolate milk in school. Then we will transition to a topic each student is passionate about and create a persuasive/argumentative spin on that idea. I am looking forward to seeing what each student comes up with. I encourage you to discuss some ideas with your child at home.