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Elementary Virtual Learning 2020-2021

On the fence about registration?

If you are worried about sending your student to school this fall, consider the Mat-Su Virtual Learning option. The MSBSD has partnered with Florida Virtual School (FVS) to offer a fully developed, online homeschool curriculum across the state. Watch the short video below for more information. Please note this option is very different from what was offered last spring.

AKSVS Introduction for MSBSD

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this be different than the Google Classroom experience we had in the spring?

The curriculum is coming from a fully developed online learning platform. Our partner (Florida Virtual School) began its online education journey in 1997. This program will look and navigate the same across grade-levels, which will be helpful if you have multiple learners enrolled in the program.

Will my child have a certified teacher?

Yes, most schools are selecting a certified teacher to be the building's dedicated virtual learning teacher. The teacher will hold online Zoom lessons and support learners. The educator will also communicate with the parent/Guardian who will serve as a learning coach.

Is it fully online? Do we need other curriculum resources?

All of the FVS curricula are fully online. There are embedded printables and enrichment activities in each module. You are welcome to print these at home as they arise, or your school's online teacher will be happy to print these ahead of time and send them to you. Some teachers may use additional district-approved resources (e.g. Lexia, Moby Math) to support struggling learners.

What will my child be learning?

There are four core subjects that your child will automatically be enrolled in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Enrichment classes (art, PE, technology) may be requested after the first two weeks.

How much time will my child spend on this each week?

Each subject will have 2-4 assignments each week and the program estimates 3-5 hours to complete those assignments - this means time spent will range from 15-25 hours each week. Elective courses will have 1 assignment each week and are estimated to take 1 additional hour each week.

Do we need to work on modules at a certain time each day?

No. You can access all of the curriculum 24 hours a day and you can work with your child at times that work best for your family. However, Zoom meetings and teacher contact will occur during typical school hours.

What deadlines will we be expected to meet?

Course deadlines run on a weekly basis. Adaptations can be made based on student needs.

What supplies do we need at home?

There will be a supply list provided to you in early August. The program does require that you have some general school supplies at home, like pencils, crayons, scissors, spiral notebooks, etc. Supply requirements vary by each grade level.

How is the pacing flexible for each student?

Courses are organized by modules. If one module is proving to be difficult for your learner, we can slow down and spend more time on those concepts via Zoom to make that skill more concrete. If a module is going well for your learner, we will be able to quickly move to the next topic and skill.

How involved do I need to be as a parent?

You are expected to be involved and invested in your child's education. What this looks like will vary based on the age and independence of your learner. You can expect that young learners (K-2) will need some of your support and guidance during each module. This does not mean that you need to sit next to them the whole time but be available to clear up activity instructions and to check for understanding before moving on. Older learners (3-5) will likely need more support at the beginning of the program and less as they learn to navigate the modules and assignments on their own.

How often can we talk with the teacher?

Teachers can be contacted every school day by email, during weekly group Zoom meetings, and during the teacher's office hours.

How can my child still be involved with his/her peers?

Social interaction is important for children. Plans to participate in small group activities with other children is encouraged if you are comfortable with the arrangement. Students may also want to Zoom with friends or classmates if possible.

Will Chromebooks be available for borrowing?

Yes, your school library will be checking out Chromebooks this year for families that need one.

Can I move my child back into brick and mortar at any time?

Yes, parents may move their students back to the brick and mortar school at any time.

But please note the AKSVS curriculum will vary from the curriculum being taught in classrooms. Also, research shows consistency for children is the best option for quality education.

What if I have more questions?

Please contact your home school's virtual teacher or email who is the MSBSD AKSVS Coordinator.


Smore created by Ashlyn Anderson and adapted by Carrie Day