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Winter PALS Testing

Winter PALS testing minimum requirement:

  • Any students identified through the Fall PALS assessment need to be assessed.

Teachers may choose to assess additional students based on the Systematic Response Table and/or teacher discretion to monitor progress and plan instruction.

Units of Study Resource Location Update

Due to teacher request, the Lucy Calkins Units of Study resources have been moved to a Schoology GROUP called: HSSD Writing Units of Study. The Access Code to join is N2BBJ-W5B2K. The materials can be found by clicking on the resource tab found along the left hand side of the group page.

Teachers will now be able to export the materials into their own courses from the resources in the group. This also allows for automatic updates and allows access to materials through the summer and beyond.

Units of Study: FAQ

Lucy doesn't seem to take students through the writing process as we have done in the past (plan, draft, review, edit, publish) with her lessons. How do I know my students are learning the writing process?

Lucy approaches the writing process as teaching specific planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing strategies that can be applied to any writing piece. Each piece of writing may not go through the entire writing process; however, the independent writing piece utilizes all strategies.

It may be helpful to identify and label the part(s) of the writing process to be addressed in each lesson (i.e. Grade 4 - Opinion, Lesson 14 in Bend 2 is a revision strategy).

2015-16 Units of Study Expectations

Rubrics: All grade levels will use Lucy Calkins' rubrics to score all areas (e.g., conventions, structure, genre).

Grading: Each unit will be taught and assessed at least one time this year. Use post on-demand assessment data and consider other important aspects of student writing to inform grading decisions (e.g., notebook entries, drafts and publications).

Report Cards: Writing standards can be aligned to follow Units of Study program.

*This is year 1 of a 3 year implementation.

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If you would like to submit your own questions, use the link below!

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Casual Conversations

We will be hosting monthly informal conversations on various literacy topics. Join us for collaborative conversations about topics relating to best practices in literacy.

Topic: What's on your mind?! (Second Unit of Study)

Forest Glen Room 19: December 14, 3:30- Completed

Howard Room 8: December 18 @ 7:45

Suamico TBD

Bay Harbor TBD

Meadowbrook Room 124: Dec. 10 @ 7:45- Completed

Lineville Literacy Lounge: Dec. 7 @ 3:15- Completed

Feel free to attend any session.

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