World Religions: Taoism

By: Faith Lawrence


The Tao believe that they should not interact with nature, but have a peaceful relationship with it. I think that they believe this because they think that interacting with nature will disrupt the balance and course of nature.

Taoists believe Taoism because they want to have a more peaceful life/ relationship with nature.

Taoists don't have any extremists.


The "Rock of Immortals" is important to the Tao because the statue represents the fonder of Taoism. The unknown creators carved this during the Song era (960 AD-1279 AD).
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Current Event

The Procession of Taoist Immortals scroll is an important relic of ancient China, but in October it was reported missing during a heated battle over an estate.

I think that the Tao might be upset at this. They might be mad at C. C. Wang because the scroll was in his possession when it went missing. The scroll was very important to the Tao, so if that was me, I would be VERY upset.


"The Way is the Pivot of All Things:

The treasure of good people

the salvation of those who are not good

fine words can be sold

honored acts can oppress people;

Even though a person is not good,

how can they be abandoned?

Therefore to establish an emperor

and set-up high officials,

one may have a great jewel

and drive a team of horses,

but that is not as good

as advancing calmly on this Way.

Why did the ancients value this Way?

By it one can attain without long seeking

and escape from the faults one has;

therefore it is valued by the world."

This poem relates to Taoism because the Tao believe that you should be good toward your God(s). They believe that moving toward Taoism is better than any good deed.


This song relates to the religion Taoism because the Tao want to have a more peaceful life, and this music helps them do just that.
Music for Taoism and Chuang Tsu