Luis Valdez

By: Logan Wilson

Luis Valdez

Born June 26, 1940

Is still ae


Luis Valdez was born in Delano, CA

He is a actor and has been the plays zoot suit etc.

Luis Valdez

Luis Valdez was born in Delano California to migrant farm workers parents. The second of ten children in his family, Valdez began to work in the fields at the age of six. One of his brothers is the actor Daniel Valdez Throughout his childhood, the family moved from harvest to harvest around the central valleys of California. Valdez began school in straltlord, California His interest in theatre began in the first grade. Throughout grammar school, Valdez organized plays at school and put on puppet shows in his garage, which, he recalls, were usually about fairy tales. In high school, Valdez was part of the Speech and Drama department and acted in several plays.While in college, Valdez won a playwriting contest with his one-act play The Theft in 1961.