(Music & The Mind)

By: Shaun Evans

What do you believe music can be used for ?

Do you think it best suits only certain fields are can it be applied in all if not most aspects of life?

Chris McClenney.

Discovery by Chris McClenney.

Zen Stasis

You may not think about it but the music that you allows you block out the world around is also the music that partly controls your thought process and just what emotions you feel just from listening to a beat or lyrics

For the pictures below what type of songs do you think would go best with describing them?

Evolution, Music, & The Teenage Mind

As we've grown up to know the human mind is a very interesting thing. But as a teenager it becomes something that functions mainly at it's prime between the ages of 12 through 25.


Off The Ground (Prod. By Pitt Tha Kid) by ShaqIsDope

Personal Account

End of the day activity

A little interactive

Basis of the teenage mind

"Donnie Trumpet"

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Sunday Candy by "Donnie Trumpet"

Prefrontal Cortex

Memory Trigger

Stages of Life & Music

The progression of the the typical human (The Stages)
Big image

In the grand scheme of things !!!

What do you think the true purpose of music is supposed to be used for ?

Lil Jon


Thank you for listening I hoped you learned something !

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