November Newsletter

Sixth Grade

Time flies when you are having fun!

It’s hard to believe November is here! The students are doing a really great job! It has been a terrific start to 6th Grade! If you ask your student "How was your day?" and they usually answer "fine" then try one of these questions.

On October 30th we had a LEOLA PROUD assembly. Thank you to some of our students for participating in the 6th grade UNICEF skit. If your student collected money for UNICEF, please send it in ASAP. We would like to count the money next week.

Don't forget about the Family Bingo Night! Tickets are limited. Pre-order for $1 per person and $1 for a slice of pizza ($1.50 tickets at the door). Snacks will be sold for $.50. Doors open at 5:30.

We need your help!

Throughout the year we have some projects in which we need some help. Let us know if you are interested in helping to organize the 6th grade slide show for the award ceremony, help organize the fiesta, setting up the supplies for the ice cream social or help organize the trip to Refreshing Mountain.

Upcoming Field Trip

On November 19th, the 6th graders are going to visit the Lancaster Science Factory. The students will connect with many different science concepts through hands-on experiments, interactive models, and technology. Please visit the website to find out more at . More information was sent home via email.


We had many parents sign up for parent/teacher conferences at Back to School night. If you do not have a conference time or would like to check your conference time, email your homeroom teacher or log into your classroom website.

Reading with Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Thudium or Miss Blanshine

Already this year we have worked with historical fiction and realistic fiction through excerpts from “Old Yeller”, “Mother Fletcher’s Gift” and "Viva New Jersey". Our next story is "Saving the Rain Forests," a nonfiction piece that connects to what the students are studying in geography. Students have been reviewing and learning more about the concepts of character and visualizing setting, as well as expanding their vocabulary. Each student keeps a journal where responses to literature, new concepts, and vocabulary are kept. There may be times when students will be asked to do re-reading at home and write in these journals. This is to aid in comprehension, thinking skills, and to prepare students for tests.

Please remind your student to write in his/her home reading log every day. It is a purple sheet in the binder.

Also, a reading journal is due every Tuesday. We enjoy reading up on what students read at home!

Math with Mrs. Schnader

Our next two chapters focus on ratios and rates. Students will learn how to write ratios, make equivalent ratios and rates, find the unit rate, and apply ratios/rates to solve real world problems. It's great to see all of the different ways that students solve these problems. Some students like to use the bar model or picture to visualize their thinking. Others solve the problems mathematically. As long as your child can explain his/her thinking, I'm okay with the student solving the problem in a way that makes sense to him/her. If students are struggling with homework a great resource is This website offers tutorials on how to solve many types of problems. Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Schnader's email:


This is our new independent math program. Students log on 3-4 times a week to complete lessons on their math level.

Social Studies with Miss Blanshine

We will soon be wrapping up Geography. In the last few weeks, our time has been spent connecting our knowledge of physical geography to how we use resources, and how that impacts our world. A state connection was made with a study of coal. Students are beginning to make excellent connections between the information we are studying and their observations of their own world. We will finish our geography unit by taking a closer look at population, migration, economic systems, government systems, and culture. The Geography Bee will be coming up soon! Look for details to come home in the next few weeks.

Miss Blanshine's E-mail:

We spent some time with maps, looking at how people use land differently.

Writing with Mrs. Thudium

We have stretched ourselves throughout this month to write longer pieces. We used to research important information regarding online safety and “netiquette” tips. Using the closed captioning feature, we were able to listen to and read about some of the common pitfalls of internet usage and how to avoid them. Then we took notes, turned notes into paragraphs, and published our own information-rich essay on the topic.

Grammar lessons were another significant part of this month’s instruction. We will continue our work on making sure our sentences are complete, that we don’t create run-on sentences, and that we can begin to vary our sentence structures more purposely by writing compound and complex sentences. All these ideas will be included as focus areas for our next several published writing pieces.

Mrs. Thudium's e-mail:

Upcoming Dates

November 2-12 - Yankee Candle Christmas Sale

November 3 - Election Day

November 6 - Leola Family Bingo Night 5:30pm

November 10 - Harlem Wizards - Rill Gymnasium 5:30, game starts at 6:30, tickets required $10 (see flyer)

November 13 - End of First Trimester

November 17 - Leola Parent TAG Team Meeting 7p

November 18 - Early Dismissal

November 19 - 6th Grade Field Trip to Science Factory

November 23-24 - ELEM Early Dismissal- Conferences

November 25-30 - Thanksgiving Break - No School

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