Welcome One and All to Parent Night

Step right up and come to the Carnival of Education.


When is Parent Night? This Exciting Event is on October 1St, 2015 at 6pm.


This parent night is Carnival themed, with the school being transformed into the " Carnival of Education." During this event the school will be decorated in circus colors and have jugglers and Fresh popped corn. All are invited to go to the "main stage" (auditorium) at 6, where a student talent show will be held and the Ringmaster (our principle) will be judge. After this event parents and students will split up by classroom homerooms where, at least in my classroom, there will be a History Parade: who exciting!

History Parade

Parents Of classroom 313 your Students have been working hard to learn all about their favorite person from history. My class is very excited to present to you the History Parade. Students have selected a musical piece from the time period of their character, and I have compiled parts of these song together for the two "marches" of the parade, the start march and the end march. The students will 'march" into the classroom and around it once before the parade procession stops at the front of the classroom. The students will be dressed as their character ( from costumes and props that we had in the classroom or that they made in class) and they will present themselves to the class and tell about their character answering questions of who the person was/is, why they are important/what famous thing did they do in history, what time period they come from, and where they come from. students have been encouraged to act and talk like their characters. Your children have been working very hard and would love it if you came and joined us for the History Parade.