The Marie Murphy Update

4 October 2019 Edition

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Student Safety at MM

Throughout the course of the year, Marie Murphy engages in numerous drills, activities and conversations in order to make sure we are proactively addressing our primary responsibility - ensuring student safety.

Earlier this year, we conducted bus evacuation drills, our first of three fire drills this year, and just this week, our first lockdown drill. This particular lockdown drill was unique as it was conducted during a passing period so we could gauge student responsiveness to a threat when an adult was not immediately present to provide directions. The drill was observed by the Wilmette Police Department and the feedback that we received was very positive. The students and teachers alike did a fantastic job in acting decisively to reach a secure, locked location.

As the year progresses, we will have additional fire, tornado and lockdown drills. Additionally, the team leaders and I will be examining our practices regarding school accessibility before and after school. Our end goal is to ensure that our students and staff have a safe experience everyday.

In supporting that goal, please be sure to talk to your sons and daughters about school safety. Ask them, "What if...?" and "What would you do...? questions. Engaging in these conversations are great ways to be prepared for an emergency situation.

Pétanque, anyone?

French classes enjoyed playing "pétanque", a game invented in the south of France. The students enjoyed learning about the rules of the game and enjoyed playing France national pastime with real sets of "boules et cochonnets".

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up Begins Next Week!

Parent-Teacher conferences will take place at Marie Murphy on Wednesday, October 23 and Thursday, October 24, from 3:00-7:00 each evening.

Please check your primary email address for instructions for Parent-Teacher conference registrations, which were e-mailed out on Tuesday. Instructions are e-mailed only to the primary email address, not to all parent email addresses. If you can't remember which email address you designated as primary, please contact the school.

Registration for conferences opens on 9:00 AM on Monday, October 7, 2019.

Check Out the PTC's Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Avoca PTC's Diversity & Inclusion Committee (formerly known as DISC) will be meeting this upcoming Monday, October 7, at 7 p.m. in the Avoca ITC. The agenda includes:

  • Review of 2018-2019 progress and goals for 2019-2020
  • External D&I resources review, including Beyond Diversity program debrief
  • Breakout session by major groups (Engage, Educate & Celebrate)

Formed last year, the D&I committee goals are to celebrate Avoca's diversity and seeks ways to engage and to educate our community, staff and students to promote greater inclusion.