October 16, 2015

Finishing the First Lap.....

Like I said earlier in the week: If we were running a mile, next week is the end of the first lap. Hard to believe that 25% of the school year will be behind us. We will be six weeks away from Thanksgiving and nine weeks away from Christmas. Next week is incredibly important to us all. These days will help give us "our time" for the first lap and let us know if we need to change pace. (I'd be using a boxing metaphor, but the mile works better for this).

I will start reminding kids today that next week is our data week - and that they will be pulled out for certain tests and take others in their rooms. If you have questions about logistics, ask Traci. I will be gone next Friday for Meredith's wedding, so direct questions /concerns on that day go to Grant.

I know as we wrap up the first 1/4 of the year, frustration can sometimes set in. The kids get used to us, we get used to them. I also know that, at times, we may need to vent about it. Y'all are on the front lines - in the room and in the hall. When I say, "Feel free to vent in my office" - I mean it. Every single teacher in this building has enough concerns of their own to consider. Part of me being more supportive this year is to talk with y'all about these things, so that you don't have to burden each other.

And, if I ever need to vent - I'll burden Grant.

Thanks, y'all.....Happy Fri-YAY!

“It’s okay to be afraid, but we still try.” –Charli Jo

In a “No Fear” and “Ain’t Skeered” type of culture, we perpetuate a myth that fear is bad. Kids think that being afraid means that something is wrong with them. We don’t tell them that fear, like failure, is a friend. We also don’t tell them that we are often afraid. We are afraid to lose our jobs, to lose our families, to lose our cultural status – all ego-driven fears. Fears dominated by failures of faith. Let’s embrace the fear together. Let’s admit to it. Let’s look it in the eye – and then put our chins down and walk forward toward it, together. It’s okay to be afraid – but we still try.

Next Week....Jeans Week All Week for $5 (Pink Out)

19th - Monday: Volleyball @ Mabank

20th - Tuesday: Football @ Athens, Black Out Day

22nd - Thursday: 1st Data Day, 8th grade Home vs. Athens, Pink-Out Day

23rd - Friday: 2nd Data Day, TWIN DAY

KUDO'S - (Quotes are from Emails, Non-quoted are Mine)

Maurie - "To Maurie. She helps me (and everybody else) so much with my kids. She is a true God-send to the ESL kiddos. I greatly appreciate her continuous help and teamwork. Couldn't do it without her!!!"

SPED - They have been given quite a bit additionally over the last couple of isn't anyone's responsibility to know - but doing what we do with the amount of people we have is not normal.

David James - "Some behind the scenes support that I'm very grateful for".

Grant - "That woman was being very rude....Grant put her in her place and it was awesome."

Tyson - Berbick, 1986

Mike Tyson was only 20 years old during this fight which would make him the youngest Heavyweight belt holder in boxing history. No one had really stood up to Tyson (who fought 12 times in 1986 - unheard of today). Berbick tried going toe to toe which was courageous but not super bright. Tyson was a great intimidator - a lot of guys lost before they ever entered the ring. He is normally talked about as strictly a power puncher, but it was the precision of those shots that made him so good, and when he was young, he was also a great defensive fighter. Tyson's story is well known. He has finally started to put his life back together. Berbick was murdered in a church in Jamaica about 10 years ago.

Note: I realize some of these 'Rest of the Story' history lessons might be getting to be a tad much. I'll pick something with a happy ending next week.