Mrs. Moy's ACC. 7th Math

Oct. 13th, 2016

Class News! TEST MONDAY!!

We finished our Algebraic Equations and Inequalities unit this week by solving and writing equations/inequalities and we reviewed with Kahoots and Quizizz activities. We also modeled Algebraic equations using Algebra Tiles and we will have our test on Monday, Oct. 10th. Then we will move on to exploring constant of proportionality, how to graph proportions, and the coordinate plane review.

Please encourage your child to study their notes, watch the videos on Blendspace and do their review assignment(s) to prepare for the test. Unit Test grades cannot be raised using Error Analysis. To raise a unit test grade, you must come to a tutorial and then re-take the test.

Resources are found in our Google Classroom site. I have included a few selected resources in this newsletter.

Algebra Tiles activity


Your child was given our class code for the Prodigy Math Game. Please allow them to play this game.

END of 9 weeks--Friday Oct. 14th. ALL ASSIGNMENTS are DUE!!