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I pick achondroplasia because i like really short people and i am interested in it because ive always wondered Achondroplasia is when someone is born with short limbs their foreheads are prominent their nasal root is low redundant skin folds up on there arms ands legs

babies with achondroplasia

Babies with Achondroplasia it changes the shape or function of one or more parts of the body .But if a baby with achondroplasia cartilage in places like arms and legs doesn't turn into bone the way it should.The children with achondroplasia usually
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Considerably across the spectrum of disorders. They usually have short necks,average size hands and feet. They have flat cheekbones and opening in the roof in the mouth (cleft palate).Hip deformities that results in thighbones turning inward, Adult height ranging from third feet to just over fourth feet. Their growth rate slower then expected age delayed or no sexual during the teen years.
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how do dwarfism have a normal child

Yes because the disease Achondroplasia is a recessive disease and if both parents have the disease then they have a chance of having a child without the disease
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