Hailie Brumley


  • Must be 30 years old
  • Must be a resident of the U.S. for 9 years
  • Must live in the state you represent

Terms of office

  • Terms of office is 6 years
  • Stagered elections are on even numbered years


  • They set their own salaries.
  • Congress has voted it's self periodic salary increases.
  • The 27th amendment provents sitting congress from giving itself a pay raise.
  • Prohibits them from getting payed for speaches.
  • $174,000 oer year.


  • Personal Clinic.
  • Personal Gymnasium .
  • Don't pay to send buisness things.
  • Recieve allowances to pay for staff and assistants.
  • Trips home are payed for.
  • Phones and newsletters are also payed for.
  • Have income tax deduction due to their two residencies.
  • Eligible for pensions after retirement that are up to $50,00 or more a year for life.


  • Free from arrest coming to or from congress.
  • May judge members qualifications & decide weither to seat them. (exclusion)
  • Can't be sued on the house floor.
  • Can punnish fellow members due to certain behaviors & can expel a legislator by 2/3 vote.

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