The Cuban missile crisis

The closest we've come to a nuclear war

The Cuban missile crisis

The Cuban missile crisis was a fourteen day crisis of the people in America.This was the closest we had ever come to a nuclear war.Cuba even got blockaded so nothing would come in,That could be harmful.President Kennedy even put out a television add saying that the Soviet Union has missiles in Cuba.We were ready for cuba to attack and said we would retaliate.

Fun Facts

1."In a dramatic television adderess to the American public.Pres. John .F Kennedy announces the Soviet Union has placed nuclear weapons in Cuba"( staff).

2."He dismissed soviet foreign minister andrie gromyko's claim that the weapons in Cuba were purely defensive nature as "false"( staff).

3."Kennedy also issued a warning to the soviets that the United States would retaliate against them if there was a nuclear attack from Cuba"( staff).

4."The world was now poised at the brink of a nuclear conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union"( staff).

5."harking the efforts to contain German,Italian,and Japanese aggression"( staff).


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