Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Roy's and Mrs. Ozar's Class

February 5th

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.


This Week

Language Arts: In reading, we’ve been working on non-fiction reading skills. We’ve looked at text feature and how they help us understand the information better. We’re also looking at how we interact with the text, and the ideas it inspires. Next week, we’ll be looking at how to support our answers and ideas with text evidence.

In writing, we’re working on POOT projects. The slideshows the students are creating look fantastic! We’ll start interacting as our characters online next week, so it’ll be exciting to see the responses our characters have to certain prompts!

Social Studies: The students have been creating Colony Raps in small groups based on the information they’ve learned on Roanoke, Jamestown and Plymouth.

We will move on to the 13 colonies and the characteristics of the three main regions next week.

Math 5: Unit 5 on fractions was introduced with a Skittle Fraction Math activity and a number of activities using manipulatives to help kids understand the concept of fractions. We will now move into the Everyday Math exercises. I recommend a site for video lessons on fractions. Just Google: MAP to Khan Academy, click on Numbers and Operations, then on Fractions. Problems are presented and you can click on the right for a short video lesson to illustrate the concept.

Math 6: In math, the students just started the study guide for Unit 4. This is one of the most challenging units this year because there are so many important skills. We will have our Unit 4 test on Wednesday. I’ll also be sending home a note about Think Through Math. This website is a great way for students to practice skills. The students have already received their login and password awhile back, but the note will have that information again.

Science- The students are wrapping up their investigations into saturated solutions. After conducting an investigation to find the solubility of salt in water, they were required to develop two new investigations to find the solubility of citric acid and to figure out what the mystery chemical was based on solubility and appearance. This friday the students will be taking part in a program called You be the Chemist. Each student will take a qualifying quiz and the top 3 students from the grade will have an opportunity to participate in the local competition in March. The link to the program is below.


Upcoming Events

2/5-Mardi Gras Casino Night

2/12 Valentine's Day party

Valentine's Day in Room 204

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we need your help from home to make their day a success!

On Friday, February 12th, we will be having a Valentine’s Day celebration in our classroom. There are two things we would like your child to complete for this event.First, we would like each child to bring in a shoe box or a Kleenex box by Monday, February 8th to decorate.Secondly, we will be exchanging valentines with ALL of our classmates. On the back of this paper you will find a list of all the members of our class so no one is forgotten. Please have them bring the valentines in on Friday, February 12th.

We will be having the party after lunch.

The sign-up sheet from the beginning of the year is below. Please let us know if you are unable to bring the item you signed up for.

Ice Cream and Root Beer- Sheri Rieth

Chips-Cynthia Reich, Jessica Bissa

Pretzels- Debra Beal, Bunmi Kumasi

Fruit- Margaret Coffman, Winter Mayes

Raw Veggies and dip- Anna Bouton

Plates-Shannon Eszes

Napkins-Sandy Corrion

Forks- Theresa Vogler

Cups, Straws and whip cream- Tricia Hexter

If you would like to bring in anything else let us know, just keep in mind the various allergies we have in the classroom to nuts and red food dye.

Thank you,

Mrs. Ozar and Mrs. Roy







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Amen Ra

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Our auction art work

You can bid on the class collage at the Mardi Gras Auction night tonight at St. Ambrose.
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