by olivia mooore

How do hurricanes form?

First, there is no scientific evidence to how they form, But based on evidence, But we have a pretty good idea. Most hurricanes form over water that is 80.f which is hot ,and its gets formed by cold and hot air the cold air comes from Canada, and the hot air comes from Mexico, and they form by the earth rotating, but one thing to make it form is that the wind must blow in the same direction and at the same speed.

When and where do hurricanes form?

First, scientist have figured out what seasons they form in, but they still try to see if they are right they know Atlantic ocean seasons start June 1st through November 30th, and the Pacific ocean starts May 15th through November 30th, and they form in the ocean and when they form they collect water and wind. The temperature they need which is 80.f that's the temperature it needs to be, and they can only form in the ocean not on land.

How do hurricanes spin?

First, scientist are still trying to figure it out, But based on evidence we have a pretty good idea, that the plant rotates ands dragging air, wind, and water then it stares to spin, when this happens over water that it 80.f or greater it makes a hurricane, and it goes through stages to become a huge hurricane, and the wind spins and spins , and the hurricane stares to spin and its moves and spins at the same time, and when it goes on land it lose energy.

What do hurricane hunters do?

First, hurricane hunters job is dangerous, and hurricane hunters find out how tuff the wind is, and how strong it is to see how much damage it will do, and the wind speed to see how fast its going to in so people can get safe.
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