Night Memoir Project

Made by: Abdul Bairuty

Biography of the Author

Ellie Wiesel was born September 30, 1928 in Signet, Transylvania. Ellie was born and raised as a jew. In 1944 when the concentration camps started, Ellie was forced to relocate. After his horrific experience he decided to write a book called "Night". This book was to tell about the experience at the concentration camps.

What was the Holocaust?

The holocaust was a period of time where Jews were victims of mass genocide lead by the orders of Adolf Hitler. Over 5 million Jewish men women and children were killed just during WW2. This became the most deadliest mass murders in history.

Night Summary

The novel "Night" by Elie Wiesel is a nonfiction story about a young teen and his father's journey through the Holocaust. Eliezer and his father peacefully living in their hometown, Sighet, Transylvania. Eliezer's instructor, Moshe the beadle, is deported. When he comes back, he tells crazy stories about Nazi soldiers murdering innocent people on his train. No one believed him until the Nazi Soldiers came to their hometown. They divided all of the Jews and, after putting them through extremely poor conditions, forced them to enter Auschwitz. while Eliezer and his father witness babies being burned alive, public hangings, and watching friends get shot, they are trying desperately to survive. Eventually Russian soldiers try to liberate the camps and Eliezer/father are forced to run in dangerously cold conditions with no food or water for over 50 miles. Eliezer's father gets sick and unfortunately ends up passing away shortly before Eliezer is liberated by American troops.

Authors Purpose

I think that one of the real big purposes to this book was mainly show the importance of the holocaust and how much suffering in detail there was. After someone reads this book, not only does it give them knowledge but it interests them.

Top Theme

The most important theme