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The City of Miami

Miami is a very popular state in Florida for visitors, vacations, hotels, tourists, the beaches and many other popular warm weather activities in the area. In 2008, Miami was ranked #1 cleanest city in America by Forbes Magazine. Miami has the largest cruise ship port in the world right out on a dock. A Lot of people go to Miami to see the largest cruise ship or to go on the seas with it as well. As for all the animal lovers that come they would most likely like to visit their everglades. The Only Everglades ecosystem is in the world is in Florida Miami.

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Carlsbad Caverns

The Carlsbad Caverns lay out

Carlsbad Caverns is an underground cave that was found and discovered in New Mexico. It was formed millions of years ago. In the Carlsbad caverns there is a series of underground caves or as some people prefer to call it rooms. The largest chamber that was found in the Carlsbad cavern was about the size of 5 full football fields. A Lot of people like to go to New Mexico because of this historic site.

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The City of Dallas

Dallas is a very popular City in Texas for visitors, horses, deserts, canons, and a lot of well known people were born there. In fact Dallas was the home to the tallest cowboy. But well known people is not all Dallas has. Dallas has well known attractions to offer as well. For example Dallas is home to the tallest cowboy. Dallas is also home of a cowboy stadium that could have fit the statue of liberty.

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