Marine Biolagist

working with Ocean animals

Marine Biolagist

Being a Marnie Biolagist is a very cool job!  One cool fact is that you get to be with marine animals all day! In this job you reserch how Ocean acidefition is affecting marine organisims, track wales, help the seafood industry, and discover new compounds! That is why for this job you must have a fun enerjetic personality, be able to swim and like being in the water, and you obviously have to like marine animal life!

Sallory, Job Growth, and Eduacational Requiorments

Sallory Minimum- $15,080     Annual- $45,230     Biolagist-$59.330 Job Growth14% to 20%Ecucational Requiorments: Bacholars Degree    

Companies that hire in the feild and how they benefit society

Compaines: Montey Bay, National Oceanic, Scripps InstitudeSociety Benefits: Help the seafood industry and teach the people many things about Marine Life.