Funeral Service Director

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What is it?

A funeral director is the person that plans the placement of caskets at funeral sites, places and adjust light and funeral displays. Plans ,schedules and coordinates the funeral serves and also keeps track of burials and cremations. Also keeps track of financial records and also orders, keeps track od merchandise.


The starting wage you get when you have no experience is $37,700per year.

The average salary, when you have been there for about 3years is $48,720per year.

When you have more experience and more years working as a funeral director your wage goes higher so you would be paid about $52,920.


Two colleges that I am interested in that are not in Texas are Florida State College of Jacksonville and San Antonio College. One college in particular that is in Texas that interest me is Dallas Institute of Funeral Service.

2020 Outlook?

The Funeral Service Director jobs are supposed to go up by 18% between 2010 and 2020.Its kind of hard to also predict the growth because the job growth depends on number of deaths between 2010 and 2020.