The Great War

Could World War One have been prevented?

First, The Causes and Start of World War 1

There were many different causes that started the Great War. There isnt just one cause of the war, it was a build up of different things like "MAIN", Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism. What really set off WW1 was the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of Austria Hungary. By Gavrilo Princip, a member of The Black Hand Society, a "Terrorist group" from Serbia. Austria didnt need much reasons to start a war, they already wanted to attack serbia and conquer it for themselves. Austria-Hungary didnt take this well and blamed Serbia as a whole instead of the group that actually killed the Archduke. Later on, Austria-Hungary sends a Telegram to Serbia and declared war.

Third Man In!!! Alliances are Scrambled!!! Chaos Breaks Out!!!

Was The Great World War One inevitable?

What if the Great War had never happened, could it have been possible to stop it from ever happening? Yes, in some cases but really no. The War wasnt started by one bold cause it was a build up of things and countries scrambled alliances. To stop the war alot of changes would have to be made. Germany really was the one that made the war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia a world war. Alright, lets get to the pint. The first way world war one could have been prevented is if Gavrilo Princip didnt get hungry or slept in, instead of murdering archduke Franz Ferdinand OR if a different person was shot. "If he hadn’t been assassinated—if it had been someone else—then Austria-Hungary would almost certainly not have gone to war," said Ronald Spector, professor of history and international affairs. Second way war could have been avoided is if the alliances were different, without all the tangled alliances and the military preperation of the European countries to show power. Even WW1 could have been just a continental war if theGerman Kaiser Wilhelm II wasnt so arrogant and flaky, maybe germany would have made the decision to stay out of the disput. Thirdly, World War one could have been avoided is if the European Countries knew this war would be a lot longer and would cost them alll alot more than they thought. Even though some slight changes before WW1 could have prevented it from happening, but the key players of the World War couldnt ave known the massive damage this "Easy 2 year war" would be.


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