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JAVA & .NET are not the show toppers anymore.

Python is a great programming language and has a brilliant ecosystem. The popularity of python is due to its ease of use, multi platform readiness and a huge set of libraries. PYTHON is a big push in programming these days to write apps that can be distributed for iOS, windows mobile or android.

Extensive requirements are available for people who are ready with PYTHON in India.

AT EPITOME TEC SOFT Pvt Ltd. PYTHON + DJANGO [ 2hrs a day for 45 days ]

Epitome tecsoft,is truly an epitome at providing exceptional quality IT training solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the IT industry.
Our training solutions are designed and tested by experts to ensure that the industry expectations are met. We have seen the ever increasing demands in the IT industry as an opportunity to educate students.

Training by Mr. Venkat , an industry expert and PYTHON consultant


Who Can Attend ??

The Course is Particularly suited for beginners or intermediate programmers. Freshers 2011/ 2012 candidates are preffered for placements. Also, added programs like soft skills , resume building, Aptitude, mock's and many more are in place to shape the trainees.