DWS Monthly Newsletter

November 2018

DWS Assemblies

We had 3 assemblies this month. Our first featured, OmegaMan and Friends, sponsored by our PTA. This was an assembly about being "dreammakers" and not "dreambreakers". It was about how we can all take responsibility and keep our school, BULLY FREE!

The Weehawken Police Department visited our First and Second Grade classes to share their "Stranger Danger" program. It is a program that promotes safety when dealing with strangers.

Finally, the Hudson County Fire Department visited with a fire truck in tow. They shared fire safety tips with the students. One note that is important to share: The firefighter said that schools practice drills all the time, but he has never been to a fire at a school. He goes to house fires and families do not have drills at home. Please practices fire drills at home.

Trout in the Classroom

Our trout eggs arrived. All the classes got a chance to visit the tank. Special thanks to Chellsea Gayle for her mini lessons at the fish tank.

Halloween Festivities

DWS students paraded around the school yard in all their various costumes. The DWS PTA put on a Halloween play based on the book, Room on the Broom. It was absolutely "Spook-tacular"!!

So much learning is happening here at DWS...

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Upcoming Events....

Nov. 1- DWS PTA Meeting 7pm- Media Center

Nov. 5 & Nov. 7- One Session Days- Dismissal for PreK and K at 12:10
Dismissal for 1st and 2nd grades at 12:20

Nov. 6, 8, 9- No School

Nov. 15- DWS Picture Day

Nov. 21- One Session Day- Dismissal for PreK and K at 12:10
Dismissal for 1st and 2nd grades at 12:20
No Extended Care

Nov. 22 & 23- No School