The Emotional Drug (Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a drug that was used for ill patients that needed assistance with there illness. Ecstasy was used in a dose of a pill or as a powder. It later was taken advantage of and was used as a drug for pleasure and or a stress reliever. Ecstasy was mostly used at parties because it is a emotional drug and it gives you a " high " emotionally. It also gives you a blast of energy and sexual feelings.

Street Names

  • Adam
  • Love Drug
  • E
  • Essence
  • Beans

The Risks That Teens Face

People in there teenage years go through a lot and the way they're raised can effect the way they act in life. From situations that happen in there life, it can cause depression which will result in making decisions that aren't the best. All teenagers have a choice to do the right things but a lot of teens make bad decisions and that results in taking drugs so they can feel better. Ecstasy was never meant for teenagers because most people use it for the wrong reasons. Teens would use it to feel better about themselves and also to give them a rush of happiness so they can take away the pain they deal with in life. Usually this isn't a one time thing so over productivity can lead to long term effects that mess up the body and mind.

Short term Effects

The short term effects of ecstasy is having a increase in your energy, sexual drive and elevated alertness. Most people that take ecstasy might think this is great but actually is very bad for your system and can alternate your body and the way it works.
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Long-Term Effects

Using ecstasy isn't always a one time use. Many teenagers use ecstasy on a regular bases. Like at parties or raves that last all night. Ecstasy also keeps you up through stuff like that and if you're always at raves and taking ecstasy, it will lead to disastrous effects to your body. This can lead to long term effects like brain damage because of over production. Ecstasy is a drug that the body will continue to want after continually using it because the body becomes dependent on that drug, and that is one of the biggest concerns. The body basically wants to destroy itself through the wants of ecstasy.

Interesting Facts

  • Ecstasy was first known for an appetite suppressant but was later a prescription drug.

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