Sunday's Thoughts

October 29, 2017

"People learn from people they love." -David Brooks

As we finish the first nine weeks, some of our students may begin to struggle as the content becomes more difficult. Some students will continue to struggle as they have done since August 18th. Other students may continue to do what you ask, pass assessments, but not go above and beyond like you know they can. There will be some students who continue to get on your last nerve. :-) Of course, it may seem that some students disregard what you say and talk anyway. And, some students will make A's without much effort because learning comes easy to them.

Our classes are made up of many personalities. Our normal may not be their normal because they are not growing up the way we grew up. Some do not have families like we may have had who talked through difficult issues, gave us advice as to how to handle those issues, expected us to follow the rules and handed out appropriate consequences when needed. We are a special school because we love our kids hard. Keep on keeping on and always remember that we learn from those we love. Be a student of your students. Learn what makes them tick, what motivates them, what matters to them. Tailor your lessons to reach those students who seem unreachable and remember that one size does not fit all. We are entering the second nine weeks. Let's proclaim that this is the nine weeks where great success will occur for every student!

Happy Halloween Week,


Our first story day is Tuesday! Please bring your classes to the cafeteria at your scheduled time.

8:15: 5th grade

8:45: 1st grade and 4K

9:15: 2nd grade

9:45: 3rd grade

1:00: 4th grade

1:30: Kindergarten and 4K

Breakfast in the cafeteria

We will have a test run placing breakfast back in the cafeteria this week. I really want this to work, but we have to keep our students eating. Our numbers cannot drop. Remember that all bus riders will eat as soon as they arrive at 7:20. Mrs. Teresa will send her early students to eat as they arrive. Students arriving at 7:30 and after will go to the hallway outside of their classrooms, put their bookbags down, and report to the cafeteria. I anticipate a back up in the cafeteria, but we are going to work hard to get students in and out quickly. Remember to make sure you have asked each of your students to go to the cafeteria to eat. Even if they eat a little, it is better to learn on a full tummy, so encourage them to come. We will address any issues that come up as we move through the week. Hopefully, this will work so that you can begin instruction earlier and not have to worry about food in your rooms.

2nd grade testing continues Thursday and Friday.

Title One Funds

Title One funds are in, and I have begun to purchase items that we have been waiting to purchase. Please talk with your grade levels about any items you may need for instruction. Send me those lists.

I will be giving each grade money to purchase books for your classroom libraries. Please use your inventories to purchase books that will excite your students. We are in the process of adding books to our literacy closet and will let you know as soon as they arrive. I have on my list to purchase document cameras so that you can show students text as you read to them. Please let me know if already have one.


Upcoming Dates:

Oct. 30th: Conference Day

Oct. 31st: Happy Halloween and Happy Halloween Tuesday!

Nov. 2nd & 3rd: 2nd grade testing

Nov. 3rd: K4 and K5 meeting with Kristie during planning

Nov. 6th: House meetings at 1:45

Nov. 7th: Faculty meeting- assistants do not have to attend.

Nov. 9th: Soup night and Veteran's Salute.

Nov. 10th: First nine weeks house winner celebration