The Cry of The Icemark

Book by Stuart Hill; Project by Jared Johnson


In Icemark the Polypontus have just invaded Icemark. In a gamble to stop them King Redrought and his army stop them at the pass, but everyone has died. Meanwhile, in Frostmarris, Thirrin is evacuating the civilians. They are traveling to the providence of the Hypoltian. Once they reach there safely Thirrin and Oskan set out to the Land of the Ghost, to make allies with the Vampire King and Queen. After they become allies Thirrin and Oskan travel to the hub of the world to make another alliance with the Snow Leopards lead by Tharraman-Thar. After they have made an alliance the allies, minus the Vampires travel back to the Hypoltian providence to train for the up coming battle. As the roads start to thaw the allies, again minus the vampires, travel to Frostmarris to prepare the defenses. After a couple of days Scipio Bellorum and the polypontus army shows up on the plains around Frostmarris. After a couple of days the siege is getting nowhere so, Scipio Bellorum challenges Tirrin to one on one combat. Thirrin wins and cuts off his hand. After that, Scipio sends his final assault, meant to break Icemarks defenses. The battle is surely lost for Icemark when the Vampire King and Queen arrive with their soldiers and push the Polypontus back out of Icemark.

Exposition; Characters

  • Thirrin Strong-in-the-Arm Lindenshield Wildcat of the North
  • King Redrought
  • Oskan the Warlock Witchfather
  • Tharraman-Thar
  • Maggie Totus
  • Scipio Bellorum
  • Holly & Oak King
  • Vampire King & Queen
  • Elemnestra
  • Olememmon
  • King Grishmark

Exposition; Setting

  • Time period is roughly the bronze age.
  • Frostmarris
  • Border between Icemark and Polypontus Empire
  • Forest
  • Hypoltian City
  • Land of the Ghost
  • Blood Palace
  • Hub of the World
  • Snow Leopard Capital

Exposition; Summary

The Polypontus have invaded Icemark. King Redrought has died along with his army to buy time for Thirrin to evacuate Frostmarris. Thirrin has evacuated the city and is leading the citizens to the providence of the Hypoltian. They enter the forest when Oskan has a vision of the Polypontian Cavalry chasing them. Thirrin chose to make her stand at a place where the Polypontians can't use there numbers as an advantage. 200 House Carols against a few thousand Polypontian Cavalry. After three charges their line still holds as the cavalry gets ready for the final charge. Just when the shield wall of the House Carols is about to break the Holly and the Oak kings soldiers appear out of the woods and attack the Polypontian Cavalry. After that it is smooth sailing for the refugees who make it to the Hypoltian Providence.

Rising Action; Summary

Once Thirrin and her House Carols arrive at the Hypoltian city, a celebration begins. A few days after that Thirrin and Oskan head out to the Land of the Ghost. When they arrive in the Land of the Ghost, they will travel to the Blood Palace. There they hope to make an alliance with the Vampire King and Queen. The meeting with the Vampire King and Queen is a very tense knowing that one wrong move could get conflict brewing between the two groups. Eventually both groups agree to a deal that seals an alliance between the two groups. After the deal is sealed the head north to the hub of the world. There, loves the ferocious Snow Leopard people, lead by Tharraman-Thar. If Thirrin and Oskan can get them in an alliance, they might just have enough allies to give the a chance to win the war(counting on the not ditching out or not agreeing). The alliance with Tharraman-Thar and the Snow Leopard people goes smoothly. The Snow Leopards, Thirrin, and Oskan all head back to the providence of the Hypoltian.

Climax; Summary

The allies minus the Vampire King and Queen return to Frostmarris to defend. Then the Polypontus appear on the plains around Frostmarris. The first battle then begins. Icemark holds the line. A few days later with the Polypontus not making any progress, so Scipio Bellorum challenges Thirrin to a one on one duel. The duel is going poorly for THirrin when she turns the tables on Scipio and cuts off his hand. Scipio Bellorum is saved by his cavalry charging. Icemark repels another attack. The next day the Polypontus send their final assault. Just when it looks like Icemark is about to lose the battle The vampire King and Queen show up with their warriors and turn the tide of the battle. As a united force, Icemark and it's allies push the Polyponians out of Icemark.

Resolution/Falling Action; summary

With the Polypontians pushed out of Icemark life is beginning to return to normal. The same can not be said for the Polypontians. There, a revolution is beginning that threatens to bring down the whole empire. The Wolf-Folk and the Snow Leopards are helping Icemark clean up the damage and rebuild towns and houses. With the future of Icemark in good shape Queen Thirrin returns to Frostmarris to lead her country.


I found there were three possible themes. One of the themes was to never underestimate your opponents. They can surprise you wit their strength and determination and over power you. The second theme could be never give up. Thirrin and her allies didn't give up, and because of that they won the war. The third theme is with good friends by your side you can accomplish anything and everything. There is nothing that you can't accomplish with them.

Nonfiction Connection

I did my connection on the Yom Kippur War. In the Yom Kippur War. In the Yom Kippur War, Syria invaded Israel on the Golan Heights. Just like The Cry of the Icemark, Israel is heavily out numbered. In fact, in the northern section of the Golan Heights, Israel was outnumbered eight to one. According to Gary Rashba, Zhi Gringold who was known as "Lieutenant Zvicka," used hit and run tactics to avoid his forces destrction(Rashba). used In the southern half they broke through Israeli lines. Israel was backed against the wall. If the Syrians would have made it to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, the war would have been as good as lost for the Israelis (Rashba). However, Israeli reinforcements arrived and pushed them back. Just like in the Cry of the Icemark, Israel managed to snatch victory from the brink of defeat.


The Cry of the Icemark; by Stuart Hill Sacrificial Stand in the Golan Heights

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