Mrs. Schwarzkopf's Newsletter


We had a great week last week as students learned about multiplying 2 digit numbers by 1 digit. Towards the end of the week students practiced identifying word problems that asked them to either divide or multiply. These are operations that we will continue to practice and perfect! This week our focus will be on finding patterns in a series of numbers and extending input and output tables.

Multiplication Quiz

Friday students will take their 4's quiz. Please help them study, this one can be tricky as they get past 4 x 6. They have been working really hard during out math stations using their charts, but towards the end of last week, we have started to work without our multiplication charts and complete our facts either by memory or using one of our strategies.


This week homework will go out on Tuesday. Next week students will not have homework.


Last week we began unit 5 - Investigating the natural world. Students were placed in groups and created their landform projects. Oh boy did they came out great!! They were so excited to take them home to show off, that I forgot to take pictures. I am so sorry, but I hope that they make it home and you see all their hard work! Thank you so very much to those who donated playdough to make it happen...our students were very grateful!

This week we will study fast changes to our Earth's surface. Students will be taught about earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides and volcanoes.


Students have been asking about when they should bring their science fair projects to school. The green folder with all the information should have been completed by now and the projects are due January 6th. The month of November and December are left to finish their projects. Please let me know if you need any additional materials or help. Look forward to seeing all the projects!

Important Dates:

12/10/2015 3rd Grade Musical - Night performance. Students will report to school at

6:30 pm in their musical shirt.

12/15/2015 Santa Shop is open 12/15 -12/18 from 7:45 AM to 2:00 PM

12/11/2015 3rd Grade Musical in the morning, presented to all grade levels

Multiplication Quiz - 4's

12/18/2015 Dinobeat

Early Release at 12:30

Holiday Party